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Second-hand shopping in Singapore

By: Eline Jeanne

There are some great places to buy and sell used items in Singapore, whether it’s online or in a store. For those trying to watch their spending, or simply wanting to enjoy the excitement that comes with thrift-shopping, the following websites and shops are a must!

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Finding a second-hand bargain in Singapore


The Craigslist online database is huge, and the process of placing an ad to sell something is quick, easy and free. It offers a two-way email relay service free of charge, so you don’t have to share any of your contact details.


Regard Gumtree as the nicer-looking version of Craigslist. The two websites essentially offer the same services, but the Gumtree website is cleaner, easier to navigate, and lets you narrow your search down to sellers close to you; it has a useful mobile app too.


Bakipa is a mobile app that allows you to quickly and easily browse new and used items for babies, kids and parents. This is great for any busy mum or dad who wants a quick and secure way to buy and sell.


An app and website that makes selling and buying a wide range of stuff, including event tickets, as simple as taking a photo.

best second-hand shops in Singapore, thrift shops in Singapore, buy and sell second-hand items in Singapore
Looking to de-clutter? Find a donation or thrift shop.

Donations and Thrift Shops

If you’re mainly looking to de-clutter your home rather than making a profit from selling, why not donate your items? The following organisations accept secondhand goods for sale; their shops are usually filled with plenty of babies’ and kids’ items, as well as furniture and appliances. Even better, all the money spent by those who are buying goes to a good cause!

  • New2u is the thrift shop of the Singapore Council of Women’s Organisations. Check the website for updates.
  • The Salvation Army has several second-hand stores around Singapore, where you can either buy or sell used items.
  • The Red Cross runs two charity shops in Singapore, where it buys used items at a great price and accepts donated items in good condition. All proceeds go to local charities.

Junk To Clear

It will cost you, but if you’ve got to clear your home of surplus furniture, clothes and well, junk, then this waste management and disposal company is the one to call – especially if you’re in a hurry.


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