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Relocating to Singapore? Guide to moving companies

Relocating can be a stressful experience, not least for the arduous process of packing and unpacking your home contents (and hoping they arrive in one piece!). But with the right movers, it’s possible to sit back, relax and let them handle everything.


Belinda Bennett – Australian
“We used Allied Pickfords to relocate my husband, myself and our two children from Melbourne to Singapore. Recent moves have seen us travel from Melbourne to the US and back again, and with this relocation we were moving from a house to a walk-up in a condo in Singapore.

We have been very satisfied with Allied Pickfords. We’d had a shocking experience with our move from the US back to Australia, so feared further trauma with this relocation, but our experience could not have been smoother. The initial contact in Melbourne was great, the packers were fantastic, and the Singapore crew has been great. Everything arrived on time, in one piece, and we could not fault the move. We were kept informed along the way as to what was happening and when.

Allied Pickford’s Melbourne and Singapore team were really thorough and provided excellent service.”

Allied Pickfords
6862 4700



Monica Devereux – American
“Our move from Melbourne to Singapore involved myself, my husband Mike, our three sons Blake, Cooper and Graham, and our Labradoodle, Mac. This wasn’t our first international move, as we’d relocated to Dubai twice – once in the 1990s, and more recently in 2008 – before moving from Dubai back to Australia in 2010.

My husband’s company assigned Asian Tigers to us, and we found them very professional and accommodating. We relocated from a house in Australia to a four-storey house in the Orchard area, and had packing and unpacking services in both locations. We also had the movers come back after a couple weeks to hang all the pictures. They did a wonderful job, and spared us the stress of doing it ourselves. They even repaired a few furniture items that had been damaged from previous moves and assembled everything, including a new barbecue we had just purchased.

We were satisfied with everything to do with the move; it was as convenient as a move can be. We packed up in Australia, went home to the US for the Christmas holidays, and by the time we arrived in Singapore both our air and sea shipments were ready for delivery.”

Asian Tigers Mobility
6261 8116



Jeanne Sumantri – Singaporean
“We used Interswift for my parents’ move into the property we rent here in Singapore. They and their three helpers were living in Braddell Estate, but we felt it was time for them to move in with my husband and me, so we dedicated the basement of our house to them. It has two bedrooms, as well as living, dining and pantry space.

The move was a challenge as they were downsizing from a three-storey house. Our aim was to move them in four days, which included workers dismantling and reassembling the furniture. Of course, this didn’t happen, but Interswift understood about the four-day move turning into a seven-day move. Some days they couldn’t move anything because they had to wait for the contractors to disassemble furniture at one end and put it together at the other, meaning there was no furniture to put the clothing or kitchenware into for example. In all of this, the movers were wonderful.

My parents had previously moved from Nassim Road to Bukit Sedap, and we had used Interswift that time too, so we were quite familiar with them. Since this move was quite challenging, we wanted reliability and compassion from the movers. In all, we were very satisfied. We were given quotes quickly and the workers were very patient and accommodating to my parents.”

Interswift Moving & Storage
6265 7664



Vesna and Geoff Thomas – Australian
“We had lived in Singapore for over five years when we made the move back to Sydney in November last year. We’ve had in total three international moves and several domestic ones within the US.

In one of those domestic moves, some African artefacts went missing, which made my husband very upset – he’d bought them 20 years ago and they were irreplaceable. So I wanted to make sure that I did my research before this recent move. Alvin from Oranje Movers offered several references, who I called and spoke to at length. They were very happy with him and his team, which helped with my decision. 

I had also read an article in Expat Living about international moves and had called two of the companies mentioned. I decided to go with Oranje because of Alvin’s professionalism, experience and fair quote.

I was very happy with Oranje Movers. Alvin was there from start to finish to ensure everything went smoothly. He even offered to assist in selling my car and relocating our dog Brady! The team was on time every day and worked quickly and professionally. They packed everything in three days and loaded the boxes on the fourth. My shipment arrived in early December, which allowed me to fly to Sydney and set up the house before we all moved on 13 December. This was great for us all as we wanted to have the house perfect to host our families for Christmas for the first time in 15 years.”

Oranje Movers
6778 9060



Diane Barrans – British/Australian/Swiss
“We’ve done more than ten international moves, and many domestic ones, with both our dogs and cats. We recently relocated from a five-storey walk-up house in London to a four-storey walk-up in Singapore, and the move with SIR Move was the easiest we’ve ever experienced.

A representative from SIR controlled the move from Singapore, and it was wonderful dealing with just a single person. Of course we had a contact in London, too; it felt as though we were being looked after like family.

The packing and unpacking, with lots of crating for paintings and antiques, were impeccable. The care they took over our very large shipment was as if they were moving their own delicate cargo.

We found the service to be excellent from start to finish, including the survey, all the documentation and the insurance arrangements. We will be contacting SIR when we move again in October within Singapore, as they make moving more fun than heartache.”

SIR Move Services
6534 7345 



Adi Ofek, partner Guy and children Roy and Maya, Israeli
“We chose UniGroup to move us from Singapore to Seoul towards the end of 2013. We were moving from a small condo, and we have a small dog. UniGroup helped us much more than they had to – they even found a pet relocation expert for our dog and managed all the questions we had regarding our pet.

This international move was our second, following our move from Israel to Singapore. My company sourced and recommended UniGroup, and we found them extremely professional, with a strong customer focus. Our contact there, Yvonne Tay, was extremely responsive and answered our emails within minutes, even on the weekends. She really showed she cared, and was particularly nice to our kids and our helper.

The packing team was diligent, refreshing and positive. It was emotional for us to see everything packed up but they brought a positive spirit with them, even singing while they worked! And all the items were delivered in great shape. I would definitely use UniGroup again.”

UniGroup Relocation
6266 5525


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6791 2488

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6841 7880

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