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Recipe: Crab Cakes


Crab Cakes with a corn, coriander, shallot and bell pepper salsa

This recipe is an appetiser for six

Ingredients for crab cakes

• 400 gm  crab meat

• 75 gm sliced shitake mushroom

• 80 gm chopped onion

• 100 gm sliced baby corn

• 50 gm chopped italian parsley

• 50 gm breadcrumbs

• 2 eggs (beaten)

• 150 ml mayonnaise

• 10 gm chopped thyme

• 20 ml olive oil

• 1 litre canola oil for frying

• Salt and pepper

• Flour, egg wash and breadcrumbs


1.  Sauté onion, corn, mushroom and thyme in olive oil, let it cool

2.  Mix in all other ingredients and season

3.  Roll in balls about 50 gms each and reserve in the fridge for hour

4.  Then flour, eggs wash and bread crumb

5.  Depp fry till golden brown (160c)

Ingredients for corn salsa

150 gm corn kernels

100 gm diced red pepper (same size as corn)

75 gm diced red onion (same size as corn)

75 gm chopped coriander

70 ml mayonnaise

Salt and pepper


Place all ingredients in a bowl and mix well, season with pepper and salt to taste.


Place salsa in the middle of a large platter with crispy fried crab cakes around the outside, garnish with springs of coriander (optional)

Recipe from mezza9

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