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‘Everyone feels happier with a healthy glow’

Founded by UK-born JOANNE YEKE and Thai-American MARISA PITSCH, new mobile spray tanning service Airbrush Elite uses Infinity Sun products, a Beverly Hills brand that’s popular with many Hollywood A-listers for its anti-ageing and hydrating formulas. We asked the lovely duo for the story behind their business.

airbrush elite spray tanning singapore
The lovely duo behind Airbrush Elite

How did it all start?

We were looking for a way to achieve a healthy, flawless, bronzed glow in the safest and most natural manner possible. Both of us were in corporate jobs that required us to spend many hours in heavily air-conditioned environments, which severely dried out and dulled our skin.

Everyone feels happier with a healthy glow – we know we do – and this isn’t immediately or naturally achievable, even in sunny Singapore. Both of us have cancer survivors in our family, too, but we also love being tanned. For these reasons, we decided to create a mobile tanning service and to give back – a percentage of the fee for every treatment goes to the National Children’s Cancer Foundation in Singapore.

Why Infinity Sun products?

From our research into sunless tanning products from all over the world, Infinity Sun from Beverly Hills, California stood out as a definite leader. Not only does it use organic, botanic-based ingredients, but its spray-tan solutions contain luxurious, anti-ageing skincare ingredients. What’s more, Infinity Sun is the go-to spray tan for celebrities such as Jessica Alba, Charlize Theron, George Clooney and David Beckham.

What has been your greatest challenge so far?

When you run your own business, there will always be challenges. One of the big challenges of our specific industry is to debunk the myths surrounding spraytanning. We need to educate people that spray-tanning with Infinity Sun products does not mean turning orange or smelling of stale biscuits.

The beauty of Infinity Sun products is that they don’t contain beta-carotene, the carrot-based ingredient that causes the orange undertones of many sunless tanners. Also, Infinity Sun solutions do not smell bad. Any of our clients will attest to that!

airbrush elite spray tanning singapore
Infinity Sun products

Who are your clients?

Anyone who loves a healthy glow! Initially, we expected our services to appeal largely to the expat community. However, we’ve been pleasantly surprised by the growing interest from Singaporeans, who are starting to understand that being tanned doesn’t necessarily mean being dark. Our clientele includes bodybuilders who need to be ultra-bronzed on stage, ladies seeking a red carpet, bronzed glow, men wishing to even out their golf tan-lines, brides who want to look their ultimate best, and holiday-goers who want to arrive looking fabulous!

What’s the best thing about having started the business?

The payoff of doing something that makes others happy is absolutely immeasurable. Our clients always say how great they feel about their glowing tan. We get to share their enhanced self-confidence every day, and that in itself is a real joy.

What advice would you give to expats looking to start a business in Singapore?

Singapore is a wonderful environment for starting a business, and all the information you need is easily accessible online. Get your business cards printed as soon as possible and network, network, network! Also, don’t expect things to happen overnight. Reach out to people and don’t be afraid to ask questions – you’ll be surprised by how willing they are to help and advise you.


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