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Where to recycle in Singapore

Recycling in Singapore has become super doable thanks to the eco-friendly efforts made by the government and other organisations. So, to further help you go green, and be nice to Mother Earth, we’ve gathered a list of recycling means, from programmes and services, to second-hand shops.

Where to recycle in Singapore, recycle
Do your part to help save Singapore … and the earth!

Cash-for-trash programmes

Among Singapore’s licensed public waste collectors are Veolia Environmental Services and Colex Environmental, and each has a cash-for-trash programme that allows you to exchange your recyclable items for money.

Veolia has over 30 cash-for-trash recycling stations in the eastern part of Singapore and accepts items such as aluminium cans, metal tins, paper and small electrical appliances. Colex has stations set up at various locations within the Housing & Development Board (HDB) estates in Jurong.

Veolia Environmental Services Singapore Pte Ltd | 6865 3140 | customer.service@veolia-es.sg

Colex Environmental Pte Ltd | 6268 7711 | wastemgt@colex.com.sg

National Recycling Programme

The National Environment Agency (NEA) has implemented this programme to make it convenient for citizens to recycle, with blue recycling bins located around HDB estates, landed properties and those private condominiums that have opted for using recycling receptacles. Here, you can get rid of items made of paper, plastic, glass or metal.

National Environment Agency | 1800 225 5632 (1800 CALL NEA)

Where to recycle in Singapore, recycle
Everyone can help in the fight against reducing garbage

Junk to Clear

This company helps people to clear junk by adhering to the ‘3 Rs’: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. It recycles materials such as paper, metal, batteries and glass, and donates items that are in good condition to needy families. Three types of removal services are offered: residential, business and secure destruction.

Junk to Clear | 6749 2306 | junk@skaplogistics.com


Donating is another way to recycle your pre-loved items, and Pass-It-On is set up for just that process! This non-profit project distributes any unwanted stuff that’s still useful and in good working condition to the needy.

Pass-It-On | 8511 9160 | passiton@thehelphand.org

Singapore Freecycle Network

Check out this programme (also known as SGFreecycle) if you’ve got something to discard that is still sturdy. This non-profit movement aims to reduce waste (another way to recycle) by connecting people who are giving away goods to others seeking the same goods on their website, Facebook page and Yahoo mailing group.

Singapore Freecycle Network

Cash Converters

The world’s biggest second-hand dealer, Cash Converters allows you to bring your unwanted goods to any of its stores to negotiate and sell. It buys almost any products that are in good condition and have a market resale value, with the exception of just a few items.

Cash Converters | contact

Where to recycle in Singapore, recycle
It’s time to ‘go green’!

Hock Siong & Co.

Here’s another second-hand store you can sell your pre-loved items to instead of throwing them away. Hock Siong & Co. buys selected household furniture such as solid wood furniture and decorative items, but it’s not limited to just that.

Hock Siong & Co. | 6281 8338 | sales@hocksiong.com.sg

Karang Guni

With the aim of increasing Singapore’s residential recycling rate, Karang Guni is an on-demand recycling company that collects all your unwanted, used and spoilt items, and even pays for items that are still well-kept.

Karang Guni | 8500 9782 | info@karang-guni.com


Another way to recycle is to reuse, and Secondsguru shares upcycling craft ideas that could help you do just that. It also provides handy recycling tips and lists of eco-brands, and provides info about eco-events you can go to if you’re looking to recycle in a better way or lead a more sustainable life in Singapore.

Secondsguru | blog@secondsguru.com

Zero Waste SG

Zero Waste SG is another non-profit and non-governmental organisation championing the cause of eliminating waste. It provides tips and resources on recycling and waste minimisation.

Zero Waste SG | eugene@zerowastesg.com

By Jayme Chong.

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