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Indonesia: Unique tours and original adventure packages you won’t find elsewhere, with eOasia

Globe-trotters! Are you itching for a totally new experience when it comes to travelling in Asia? If you’ve covered off the tourist stuff, but love the convenience of Indonesia, we’ve found an online travel platform that you’re probably going to fall in love with.

eOasia offers a massive range of tours that will show you a different side of Asia, while introducing you to thrilling activities. Each off-the-beaten-track tour has been hand-picked and tested out by its founders, who are passionate travellers and wouldn’t sell a trip without personally giving it the thumbs up. The best bit? Every online package is reasonably priced, the travel essentials are covered (transport, grub, gear) and the site is an absolute joy to use.

To give you an idea of the gutsy fun you can enjoy via eOasia‘s collection of Asian breaks, we’ve rustled up some unique ideas from their Indonesian packages. Read on for our top 10 picks….

Indonesia unique tours
Pack a waterproof camera for snaps with friendly fishes


Stroll under the sea
If you can’t swim or haven’t learnt to scuba dive, a serene underwater sea walk is a safe and easy peasy alternative to diving. Just slip on the astronaut-like helmet and follow the professional guide across the sandy sea bottom of Sanur, Bali, where tropical sea creatures and beautiful coral gardens await. The package includes hotel transport back and forth, lunch, mineral water, a towel, shower and changing facilities, a locker for valuables and insurance.


Indonesia unique tours
One of many terrains you’ll be crossing during the ride. A little mud never hurt anyone!


Take a dirt bike tour through Eastern Bali
For an exhilarating way to explore Bali’s lush natural wonders, try this full-day dirt bike tour through the East of Bali that’s suitable for intermediate and advanced motorcyclists. Hop on a Kawazaki 250CC and zip through Sanur, Jimbaran, Seminyak, Kuta and Ubud. You’ll come across black sand beaches, rice fields, rivers, creeks, and quiet Balinese villages. The joyride will end with a Aussie-style beach barbecue fuelled with plenty of Bintang beers. Lunch and light refreshments will also be provided mid-way through the trip.

Indonesia unique tours
Lots of one-of-a-kind stalactite formations to see…


Cave tube on Pindul River
Cave tubing is the relaxed cousin of rafting and sees you floating peacefully in a rubber tube along the river that runs through Pindul Cave in Yogyakarta. With a headlamp strapped on – and a life vest for safety – you’ll get the rare chance to witness fascinating stalactites and stalagmites in all their glory. We hear there’s a hidden waterfall, too. This a perfect adventure for families, as you can hold on to each other’s tubes and soak in the sights as a group.


Indonesia unique tours
Bottle fresh garden scents in moisturising lotions, shampoos and more


Make your own beauty products in Ubud
Beauty buffs who swear by the power of natural ingredients will enjoy this Balinese workshop – you’ll learn how to make herb-infused beauty products from scratch. The local workshop leaders will show you how to make everything from shampoos to facial masks with freshly picked plants from their quaint garden. You’ll also learn massage techniques to knead stresses away with your fancy new beauty line. Got green fingers? You’ll also be walked through the garden and introduced to different herbs and their healing, relaxing benefits. After the hands-on class, every student will enjoy a one-hour organic facial treatment. How’s that for enriching the mind and body?


Indonesia unique tours
Clear skies and horses trotting through the sand make for music video-worthy scenery


Tour Lombok’s coastline by Land Rover
Powder-soft beaches and charming native culture are combined in this day trip around Lombok on a rugged Land Rover. With a local guide, you’ll trundle through Sade Village to see traditional huts with buffalo dung floors and check out nimbly woven crafts. You’ll also swing by Gerupuk’s unique bamboo villas. After immersing you in tradition, the tour will set off for Kuta Beach, Tanjung Aan, Seger Beach and Mawun where you can unwind by calm blue waters. The trip includes lunch at a local restaurant, coffee breaks, snacks, soft drinks and mineral water to keep you well fed and hydrated.


Indonesia unique tours
One huge splash coming right up….


Try Canyoning in Kalimudah, Bali
Water babies, this one’s for you. Kalimudah Canyon is practically Mother Nature’s rugged version of a water park, with slippery slides, waterfalls and paddling pools. Explore the Canyon’s volcanic rock cliffs and diverse flora and fauna by climbing and rappelling, before leaping and splashing. The crew will provide all of your safety gear including a helmet, harness, wetsuit, gloves and special shoes. And to make sure you’re tummy isn’t left rumbling from three hours of sporty fun, the afternoon ends with a waterfall picnic.

Indonesia unique tours
We’re imagining this in an epic fantasy movie already


Explore Mount Bromo and Ijen Crater in Yogyakarta
Instead of a monotonous drive up to Mount Bromo, Yogyakarta’s humongous active volcano, eOasia‘s four-day tour offers a more scenic route. The trail from the foot of Mount Lawu to Ijen crater involves plenty of culturally rich activities, such as exploring tea plantations, staying in the rice fields, venturing into the sand sea of Tengger crater, horse-riding along Mount Bromo and standing on the breathtaking edge of Ijen crater to watch men mine sulfur.


Indonesia unique tours
Shine on you crazy sea creatures


Take a UV night dive around the Gili Islands
If you ever wondered what’s it like to rave under the sea, the neon colours revealed during a UV night dive in Gili is as close at it gets. Many corals and fish have a natural fluorescence that only shines under this special blue light, which turns its underwater surrounds into a trippy trove of brilliant day-glo hues. Expect to see highlighter yellow shrimps, pink scorpion fish, orange crabs and more. You can also rent a camera with UV filters for snaps of the psychedelic scene.


Indonesia unique tours
Look out for this rock for a wicked photo opportunity!


Explore Jomblang Cave in Yogyakarta
Another one for sporty, daring types! This full day experience will have you abseiling and trekking through Jomblang and Grubug cave. With the help of an experienced guide, you’ll get to revel in the amazing underground scenery and rocky terrain before enjoying a local lunch.


Indonesia unique tours
No prizes for spotting the first phallus in these parts


Visit erotic temples in Central Java
For an eye-opening peek into the lesser-seen side of Javanese history, visit the erotic temples of Sukuh and Cetho (yes, you read that right). These monuments symbolise fertility and have plenty of peculiar sights, including giant phallic sculptures, suggestive stone reliefs and a statue of fabled heroes Bima and Narada in a womb of sorts. Definitely a memorable experience to share with your friends over a round of drinks.
Ready to take on one of these thrilling trips? Head over to eOasia for all of these unique packages and lots more.

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