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How to find the right helper for your family in Singapore

With busy work and family schedules, an extra pair of hands to help with cleaning, cooking and looking after children is always appreciated. Three EL readers told Michelle Ng how their domestic helper makes life easier.


A-Team Amahs & Cleaners

6100 6131 or 6100 6132 | a-team.com.sg


“When we first arrived in Singapore, I was four weeks pregnant with a toddler in tow, and I wanted someone to clean the house and do the ironing once a week. When my second child arrived, I switched to a live-in helper. After a year, I decided to switch back to my weekly help.

Ann cleans the house thoroughly, irons and changes the bed sheets. She is extremely discreet, unobtrusive, trustworthy and pleasant to have around and, above all, from the moment she walks in the door, she works like a Trojan. My experience with A-Team has always been positive, and I am very lucky that the first lady they sent alongwas a perfect fit for our family and I never needed to replace her.

I am a stay-at-home mum while my husband works, and ournow five-year-old son and two-year-old daughter attend a local preschool three mornings a week. I value my privacy so weekly help is sufficient for our needs, although I do miss having a babysitter on tap for the odd night out.”

Lisa Lambert,UK, pictured with helper Ann from Malaysia.


Elite Resources & Training Agency

19 Tanglin Road

#06-51 Tanglin Shopping Centre

6737 8466 | eliteresources.com.sg


“My husband and I work hand-in-hand in our business and we have three children, so we needed someone with experience in both housekeeping and looking after children.

We have two live-in domestic helpers currently. We hired Antonio from Elite Resources and she has been with us for over six months now. Jennifer from Elite Resources is a friend of ours, and we found her agency to be different from the other agencies I’ve worked with in the past. We like that Jennifer personally selects the most suitable helper based on our family’s needs. Antonio proved to be just asJennifer described her.

I believe communication between the helper and employer is very important. My best advice is to give your new helper time to get used to your family’s lifestyle and home environment, especially if she is less experienced,and always treat her as family.”

Pamela Tan, Singapore, pictured with helper Antonio from the Philippines


Mrs Sparkles

43 Sandilands Road

6298 2923 | mrs-sparkles.com.sg


“I am an independent artist who lives in a large apartment and I have many paintings at home. I have a preference for old houses with large balconies and plants, so I needed a part-time helper to maintain the house.

I contacted Mrs Sparkles after my landlord’s recommendation and Anna came over to clean my house the next day. The company and I work with complete trust and flexibility and, most of all, I appreciate their honesty and trustworthiness.

Anna usually comes in on Tuesdays, regardless whether I am at home or away.She is able to make decisions and plans her cleaning routine without me. She knows the house well and puts up with cats, my daughter, guests and other inconveniences with a firm hand and determination, but always with a smile. We understand and trust each other. I see Anna as part of the family, so she is always welcome at home.”

Eva Rizk, France, pictured with helper Anna from Singapore