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Food critic Brian Kennett discovers his ‘death-row meal’ at an East Coast hawker centre

By: Brian Kennett

We are loving life in Siglap. Our lazy days at our new hawker. Meeting new friends. Chatting to locals. We just love it.

Last night, my friend Oliver and I tried an unassuming dish of noodles, beef and broth. Very soon angels sang, warm winds blew and I felt giddy and light-headed.

What was it? The answer, is David Lim’s Beef Kway Teow.

Stop the bus. Stop the car. Stop the taxi. Because if you happen to be going past LTN Eating House at 936 East Coast Road, Siglap, then you simply have to try the food at Empress Place.

David Lim in action 

David’s Beef Kway Teow is so good, I indulge every single weekend, and in some instances, twice a weekend. In fact, and without being too maudlin, this would be my ‘death row meal’. If I am on my way out, then I would wish to try this delicacy just one more time.

Let’s break it down: slow cooked broth made from slow boiling bone marrow; add some star anise to cut down the fat, and some pandan leaves to give the floral tones. That’s the basis of the dish, but of course there are a few secrets along the way that David won’t share. Quite right too. The result is a beefy, bone marrowy, brothy, butter-like beef dish with perfectly cooked noodles.

A close-up of those goodies 

‘Heaven… I’m in heaven, and I seem to find the happiness I seek, when I get to eat this soup twice a week…’ Sorry Mr Sinatra for copying your song, but this dish is worth crooning over.

And remember folks that it can be found in a food court for $5. And the beers accompanying the dish are $7 for a long-neck, which are served by a lovely lady who also tops your glass up and refreshes the bottles. Death row heaven.

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