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Delicious cured meats for your next party

Whether you’re hosting an intimate family meal or throwing a big birthday bash at home, chances are you’ll spend at least a couple of hours preparing and cooking. If you’re looking to save some time, try going for a range of premium cured meats. These delicious hams, salami and sausages make for delicious, fuss-free appetisers, tapas and even mains – so you’ll be ready to entertain in a jiffy.

ham singapore
Shop a variety of quality cold cuts from Don Smallgoods

DON Smallgoods

Recently launched in selected gourmet supermarkets (Cold Storage and Marketplace) is DON Smallgoods, a well-loved name from the land down under. One of Australia’s largest smallgoods (cured meats) manufacturers, all of DON’s products are produced in the foodie state of Victoria. The brand has been in the business since 1947, offering a range of sausages, hams, salami and more. Here’s a sample of what they offer…


Nothing beats a good slice of honey ham, and our top pick is the DON Honey Shaved Ham. Packed in convenient 100g packs, these slices work well in salads, sandwiches, wraps and even rolled up on cheese platters. The pork leg cuts are blended with real honey for a sweet, honey-flavoured ham. For something a little more special, the Uppercuts English Style Wiltshire Cured Ham won’t disappoint. Traditionally cured with a distinctive English ham flavour and smoked over mountain ash hardwood, this ready-to-eat option is gluten-free, too. A delectable option for the charcuterie board!


salami singapore
An alternative to ham is the DON Calabrese Salami, a spicy Italian-style cured meat.


If you’re feeding a crowd, serving a variety of textures and flavours is the best bet. An alternative to ham is the DON Calabrese Salami, a spicy Italian-style cured meat. This medium-textured salami is made with herbs and spices for a kick of heat, making a great addition to your pasta dishes for a spicy flavour. For a family pleaser, we recommend the sliced pepperoni, a perfect addition to homemade pizzas.

don sausage
Louisiana style chicken sausages


Another versatile pick for entertaining, the DON Premium Louisana-style chicken sausages pack a punch in the flavour department. Made with Cajun spices, this easy-to-prepare meat is delicious on the barbie if you’re planning to grill up some snags with friends. For an easy weeknight meal, these sausages are also lovely accompaniments to any pasta dish.


charcuterie platter
Simple charcuterie platter for entertaining

Simple tips on arranging a charcuterie board:

  1. Mix up the textures. For example, if you’re using hard salami, be sure to include a soft and rich pate.
  2. Slice your salami while it’s cold and bring it to room temperature before consuming.
  3. Complete the board with garnishes and condiments. Olives and pickles work well, alongside some good quality olive oil and balsamic vinegar.
  4. Top it off with fresh bread and crackers.

Psst… Discover DON’s website for a stash of entertaining recipes you’ll want in on!

DON Smallgoods
Available in Cold Storage and Marketplace


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