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Easter decorations at home: Create your own party table, crammed with eggs and bunnies

By: Styling: Paper + White | Photography: Michael Bernabe

Easter is just around the corner (Sunday April 20 2014) – and you know what that means? Not only is it the chance to begin storing up enough chocolate to kick-start your own Willy Wonka Factory (a third of which will be gorged when the kids are asleep), but it’s a great chance to get stuck into a hearty arts and crafts session and host an Easter party – complete with rowdy Easter egg hunt.


When it comes to stocking up on party decorations, get started early and check out some of our favourite stores before they run out (Singapore is pretty notorious for people getting sorted weeks ahead, so don’t leave yourself 48 hours to get sorted). For dressing up your home, we asked stylists paper + white to step in and give us a hand – so they created this glorious sunny photoshoot, filled with fun furnishings, arty ideas and shopping tips. Check out the snaps above of their favours/cake area, plus kids’ Easter table for all sorts of inspiration.

When it comes to decorating your Easter table, the colour yellow is key, the paper + white girls tell us. Think about how to use everyday things, such as egg cartons and eggshells (which make cute little vases for sweets). Lots of fresh flowers and plenty of chocolate are also vital ingredients.

Blown eggs can be used year after year, plus create quirky pops of colour around the room or during hunts. Use a very sharp needle to pierce both ends – but our tip is to keep the needle still and twist the egg (a bit like opening a bottle of bubbly!). This gives you a clean hole won’t shatter the egg. Then, choose one hole to blow through and puff for your life until the yolk breaks and seeps out. Check out the handy video we found online for a demo. Once blown, you can paint them all sorts of colours and give them spiffy hats using free online bunny and crown printable stencils like this.

For Easter egg hunts, don’t forget homemade treasure maps, plus – if you’re hunting at dusk – glow sticks in eggs work wonders. Also, if you don’t want a hunt that ends with chocolate melted mush everywhere, get the kids to look for plastic eggs. Stuff them with toys, rabbits and chicks, which can be switched up for chocolate later.

Finally, lots of the materials you snap up or make can be recycled for other events. Take the decorations in the beautiful Easter gallery above – the tables can be used heaps of kids’ parties, along with the runners and napkins. The milk bottles make great vases for flowers and the teacups and plates are perfect for English tea parties.

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