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Where to go to get your ears pierced

Looking to get your ears pierced (or your kids’ ears, for that matter)? For a delicate procedure like ear piercing, you definitely want to find a professional and safe place – the last thing anyone needs (child or adult) is an ear infection! When it comes to kids, the first step is to check out if your paediatrician provides the service; if they don’t, here are some reliable alternatives – you’ll be in good hands!

Earrings lady ear piercing
You’ll be able to wear earrings as pretty as these!

#1 B*dazzle

Doctors, paediatricians, beauticians and plenty of satisfied customers recommend this store. B*dazzle offers ear-piercing services for everyone from infants to senior adults. The store is known for its high hygiene standards, and uses a disposable ear piercing cartridge system and a special ear care solution. There are over 50 styles of allergy-free earrings to choose from and you’re entitled to a free check-up six weeks after your piercing.

Four locations across Singapore

#2 PiercingClinic

Among the many piercing services, PiercingClinic specialises in ear piercing for infants, babies and kids. Disposable sterile cartridges are used here, as well as varying lengths of ear studs to suit each individual, so you’ll be in safe hands. Also, the studs are made from hypoallergenic materials so you won’t need to worry about allergies or irritations. The store carries a wide selection of ear-piercing jewellery, and services are available by appointment.

#01-222 Marina Square, 6 Raffles Boulevard


#3 Stellar Silver Ear Piercing

Stellar specialises in professional ear piercing for all ages and is a popular choice for babies and children. The staff are reassuring and great with little ones, who even receive a special certificate after the piercing! The store also offers genuine silver jewellery and the range of US-imported sensitive earrings is popular among customers with sensitive ears.

Three locations across Singapore


child ear piercing
Your kids will be in safe hands with the professionals

#4 Healthsprings Medical Clinic

Ear piercings at this clinic maybe a little on the pricier side, but completely worth it for the expertise. For $68, you’re assured of fast and safe piercings for kids.

#02-01/02 Greenridge Shopping Centre, 524A Jelapang Road


#5 Goldheart

Popular jewellery chain Goldheart provides ear piercing services for $35 (inclusive of earrings) for adults, kids and infants. After the piercing, you can pick out a set of genuine silver and gold earrings from the store’s wide selection. Note: since not all the staff are trained in piercing, the service is only available at selected outlets; give them a call before you go to check.

Selected locations


Girl ear piercing
Get your little ones excited for their first piercing

#6 Ho Bee Goldsmith & Jewellery

Ear piercing at this jewellery store is done using the Inverness System, which promotes safe and sterile piercings. A disposable cartridge is used for each ear to prevent contamination and infection. You can choose from 30 styles of trendy studs made from hypoallergenic metals, and piercings are free; you’ll pay between $20 to $110 depending on which earrings you choose.

Three locations across Singapore


Caring for your newly pierced ears

We hear from Desmond from PiercingClinic about what you need to take note of:

  1. Clean the front and back of your ears twice daily without removing the studs. Ensure that you dry the area well after washing.
  2. Ensure that the back of the earring is not too tight during the healing period; if it’s too tight, it may cause inflammation.
  3. Keep hair spray, soap and shampoo away from your ears.
  4. Leave the studs in your ears for six consecutive weeks; after six weeks, you can remove the stud and replace it with other earrings.
  5. For the first six months after piercing, it’s recommended to wear earrings made of surgical stainless steel or other hypo-allergenic materials.
  6. During the first year, avoid going longer than 24 hours without wearing earrings; this will prevent the piercing from closing.


By Jayme Chong, Katie Roberts and Lindsay Yap

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