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Sofas in Singapore: Reader recommendations on choosing the right sofa for your home

By: Ken Tan

Nothing beats snuggling on a comfy sofa, whether it’s with the kids, your partner, or just you, the television remote and a glass of wine after a long day. Here, a few of our readers tell us about their go-to places for finding the perfect sofas in Singapore.

Sofas in Singapore
David and Serene Bell, Singaporean

David and Serene Bell, Singaporean
Danish Design

#08-01 Century Warehouse
100E Pasir Panjang Road | 6270 8483

We were looking to replace a couple of old sofas, which were not exactly comfortable, in our living room and music room. While searching on the internet, we chanced upon Danish Design. It has a good range of contemporary-style furniture that is in line with our taste.

We’re very pleased with the sofas we bought. Rhiannon and her team were approachable, and they were able to make some very good recommendations without being pushy. Danish Design has plenty of contemporary Scandinavian furniture and we have also bought several chairs from them.

There are plenty of stylish sofas out there that are not very comfortable or durable. Our tip is to buy one that contributes to a better living space, so that you’re happy when you spend time in it. If the sofa is frequently used, it may be worth spending a little more to get something of higher quality from a reputable maker. It’s likely to last longer, and, in the long run, end up costing less to repair and reupholster.

Sofas in Singapore
Carmen Hedley, South African, Darren, British, and Sienna and Victoria

Carmen Hedley, South African, Darren, British, and Sienna and Victoria

Gallery 278

278 River Valley Road | 6737 2322

When we moved from Texas to Singapore, we put most of our heavier furniture into storage, as the style of our house here is more Mediterranean than our home in the US. While most of our furniture in Texas is quite ornate and in dark cherry tones, we felt that our Singapore home required a lighter touch – something more modern with simple, clean lines.

We were shopping for furniture for our entire house; Gallery 278 stood out as it has a wide selection of quality teak furniture at competitive prices. We specifically wanted a large, comfortable and neutral-toned sectional sofa for our living room, but one that could also fit into a smaller space if we were to move it abroad in the future. Keeping in mind that we have a four-year-old, a 16-month-old and two cats, we also needed a sofa that wouldn’t easily show signs of wear and tear.

The staff at Gallery 278 were extremely helpful on every level, from design to cost control. Their service was very personal and tailored to our exact requirements. Joseph and Philip spent many hours with us to ensure that all our furniture complemented the house. Creative advice was given along with plenty of options, including different pricing models.

We have already bought our sofa, kitchen table and chairs, coffee table and chairs, beds, bedside tables and lamps from Gallery 278. If we buy anything else from the store it will be some of their artwork. They have some incredible paintings and we would love to fill the house with those beautiful pieces.

Sofas in Singapore
Susannah Llewellyn and Peter Muldoon, British and Australian

Susannah Llewellyn and Peter Muldoon, British and Australian

Mountain Teak
#07-02 Tan Boon Liat Building
315 Outram Road | 6224 7176

We relocated from Dubai to Singapore around six months ago. Although we liked our old sofa, we recognised that it was no longer the best option, especially when we have people over. We saw a combination of an L-shaped sofa and an armchair, which we really liked, at Mountain Teak. What’s more, they could customise the shape and size to fit our space.

A friend recommended Mountain Teak to me during a house-hunting trip to Singapore prior to moving. We felt that the store was nicely laid out and found the staff extremely helpful and accommodating – I especially liked the way they listened to us and made suggestions on the type of wood to match our flooring.

The sofa was to be the centrepiece of our combined open-concept lounge and dining space. Seeing the lounge set up in the store helped us visualise the actual space. Apart from the sofa, we also purchased a set of table and chairs for our dining room. We still have one more space to fill and will most likely return to Mountain Teak for more furniture. I’ve recommended the store to a number of expats who have been in situations similar to ours.

A sofa can really alter a living space, so it’s important to get what is right for you. One tip is to look for good fabric and a timeless style; we found both at Mountain Teak.

Sofas in Singapore
DeLisa Lou Harmon, American

DeLisa Lou Harmon, American

Artful House
#08-04 Tan Boon Liat Building
315 Outram Road | 8112 6127

Arriving in Singapore with only two suitcases, I was looking to fill an empty apartment. My goal was to create a space as stylish and modern as my New York apartment, but with contemporary Asian influences.

After searching the whole of Singapore for some fun, Asian-inspired upholstery, an ad in Expat Living that featured such things led me to Artful House. I was immediately taken with the selection there; the vibrant, colourful elephants on the print had me at hello.

I was on a tight timeline, as guests were arriving and I wanted a comfortable living room; Artful House delivered great craftsmanship right on time. I also now have my eye on some of the lovely Chinese screens and mirrors.

My tip for readers would be that, while leather is omnipresent in shops here, don’t overlook the opportunity to bring in colour and whimsy, particularly with larger pieces. A designer once asked me to consider my history with a colour before purchasing a sofa. Life is too short not to be passionate about your furniture!

This story first appeared in Expat Living’s July 2015 issue