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4 simple steps to getting your home Christmas-ready

The holidays are just around the corner and party preparations are in full swing. If you’re rushing all over town trying to do your holiday shopping and Christmas planning, then stop right there. Take a deep breath. Now, channel some Scandinavian calm and take it one step at a time.

Inspired by Scandinavian ideology, furniture store Scanteak is all about bringing a little tranquillity into our hectic lives. Here, they’ve applied their simple and elegant approach to helping get you and your home ready for Christmas with style.

#1 Make your dining room the heart of the home

While the kitchen is where all the action takes place, at Christmas time it’s the dining room where you and your guests will linger longest. No matter what’s on the menu or whether you celebrate on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, your dining table will be central to your celebrations.

Scanteak dining set_ Duo Swivel Bench, Mono Dining Chair and Mono Dining Table, ready for Christmas, Christmas planning
The Duo Swivel Bench, Mono Dining Chair and Mono Dining Table combo create a cosy, comfortable place to gather and share news and a good meal at any time of year.

#2 Create a festive atmosphere

A few Christmas touches go a long way to creating a special ambience in the dining room. Decorate your table with simple pillar candles or lanterns. Add some Christmas greenery or pine cones for a natural touch, and some baubles for a splash of colour.

Scanteak dining table and chairs dressed with Christmas decorations, ready for Christmas, Christmas planning
Dressing up your dining table with festive touches and accessories will automatically add warmth to your dining room.

#3 Max out your space

Christmas is a time of plenty, and that applies to people and gifts! Create more space so you can welcome your holiday guests in comfort and still have plenty of room under the tree. Stylish storage furniture will help clear your clutter before any guests arrive. Expandable tables add additional surfaces for all that festive food and drink, and folding chairs are a neat solution to your extra seating needs.

Living room with Scanteak Skott Display Shelf, Enkel Nesting Table, ready for Christmas, Christmas planning
Nesting tables and shelving will help you make the most of your space when entertaining this Christmas (Skott Display Shelf, Enkel Nesting Table).

#4 Get gifting

Christmas shopping can be challenging, whether you’re buying for a loved one or the office Secret Santa. Fortunately, everyone lives somewhere, and a little something to brighten it up will rarely go amiss. Sleek, affordable accessories such as a coaster set or a butler tray make gorgeous yet practical gifts that will bring a smile to anyone’s face.

Scanteak has 16 showrooms around Singapore. Check out their website to find the closest one to you.


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