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Capture those precious baby moments with newborn photography

The first few weeks of your baby’s life are truly magical and amazing. The long waiting has finally come to an end and you are able to admire your newborn’s adorable chubby cheeks, little fingers and toes, and cute facial expressions. What would be a better way to cherish and preserve that love and joy of new life than a professional photograph of your little one? We asked awarded photographers, Kate and Emily at Littleone’s Photography, their secrets of capturing newborn babies on camera!

newborn baby photography, baby photography Singapore
Kate and Emily, at Littleone’s Photography, know how to seize the right moment and capture the best images of your newborn

Newborn photography
Kate and Emily at Littleone’s Photography specialise in newborn photography and create the magical moments and memories of new life on camera. They have 14 years experience photographing babies, giving them the confidence and skills needed in handling and posing newborns with ease. Kate and Emily have a background of looking after babies from a young age as their mother run a nursery for children, for tiny babies and toddlers, at home. “Knowing and understanding babies’ world helps us to seize the right moment and capture the best images of the little ones,” explains the sister photographer team.

Littleone’s Photography has a boutique studio on the East Coast of Singapore that offers comfortable and relaxed environment for photo taking. “Our team knows how to generate the best environment for babies with warm room temperature, natural light and appropriate background noises that help babies to sleep peacefully,” says Kate. The studio set up includes all the newborn accessories needed, from beanbags to blankets in colorful collections, to produce a beautiful newborn image. “Studio photographs are our specialty, but we also travel out on locations or family homes for photography sessions, which will bring a natural, cozy and whimsical feel in the images,” adds Emily.

newborn baby photography, baby studio photography singapore
Littleone’s Photography specialises in newborn photography and captures beautifully the memories of new life on camera

Professional photographers
Your baby’s first weeks are so precious that you don’t want to miss them! “Our clients need to be able to trust that these moments are captured by reliable professional photographers who have invested time and passion into their arts,” explain Kate and Emily, who hold the prestigious qualifications by the Master Photographers association recognised worldwide.

Most of the client relationships at Littleone’s Photography last for years and Kate and Emily become their clients’ family photographer. “Many families stay with us throughout their time in Singapore and we photograph their next babies and the next… The kids grow up knowing us, having fun with us, and they are excited to come back and meet us again,” says Kate.

newborn baby photography Singapore
Kate and Emily are awarded professional photographers with high qualifications, which ensure that you can look forward to amazing images of your family

Book your photo shooting session today!
Capturing real emotion and character is Kate and Emily’s specialty and you can look forward to beautiful candid images of maternity, newborns, babies, siblings, and family. If you got intrigued and would love to gift yourself or loved ones with photo shooting sessions, contact Littleone’s Photography for additional information!

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