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Boys’ Toys: The coolest gadgets in Singapore in February 2014

Just a cassette player? Look again... 

Old School

For the true retro guys out there, the iRecorder is the perfect accessory to bridge the gap between modern and vintage. It may look like an antiquated cassette player that we paired with our ZX Spectrum computers back in the 80s, but it’s actually an incredibly cool portable iPhone speaker.

$40, thinkgeek.com



We use our smart phones for so many things, but taking decent photos that we can share with the world via social media is one of the most important. So why not ensure your photography is looking as stable as possible with a handy camera stand? The SlingShot fits all smart phones, and is small enough to lug around.

$20, woxom.com


Happy Snapper

The Samsung Smart Camera NX300 is worthy of professional photographers, but is made for the enthusiast. The on-the-go snapper has never had it so good. A dedicated direct link hot key lets you quickly and wirelessly send images to a mobile phone, tablet, PC or Smart HDTV.

$1,000, samsung.com


On Tour

Great things can come in small packages: Prince; Danny DeVito; erm… Verne Troyer. Add Beats Tour to that list. The company have given earphones a revamp, improving the shape and sound quality to allow users to get closer to the music. And the tangle-free cords save a hell of a lot of time and stress.

$240, beatsbydre.com


In Studio

The ubiquitous Beats by Dre headphones have undergone a makeover which elevates quality, innovation and design to the next level. Offering a streamlined look, feel and fit, the new design is made of lighter materials but boasts increased strength and improved flexibility. Available in black, red, white, blue and orange.

$490-510, beatsbydre.com


Arcade Desire

Preloaded with 188 games, the Cabaret Dreamcode 2.0 Cabinet is a bachelor’s must-have boys toy. Married men may deny it, but this is what we dreamed of having as a kid, and if the missus would allow, we’d have one standing proudly in the corner of our living room.

$1,900, dreamarcades.com