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Boys toys: Gadgets we want this month

By: Jake Riggir

From flying above the ocean to the ultimate laze-device, here’s this month’s treasure trove of stuff EX wants to play with.


“I believe I can fly,” crooned R&B superstar R Kelly back in the mid 1990s, before his career became mired in controversy after accusations of inappropriate relationships with underage girls. Fast forward a couple of decades, and Kelly, and anyone else for that matter, can actually fly thanks to this ingenius piece of kit. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, The Flyboard is here. Older readers may remember the 80s arcade game JetPac, where animated astronauts would be catapulted into the air by jets attached to their feet, and that is essentially the concept behind The Flyboard. However, rather than flying through space, with The Flyboard you’re shooting into the sky and catapulting back into water, while attempting to perform tricks on the way. Check it out.


You’re out jogging and want to change a tune on your iPhone, or keep track of your running pace. Rather than dig your smartphone out of your pocket and play around with buttons while risking smashing headfirst into a lamppost, you can now just cock a quick snoop at your wrist thanks to this stylish smartwatch, which can control apps while on the run.
$126 ($199 with heart monitor)



A combination alarm clock and a coffee brewer. Yes please; quite possibly one of the greatest inventions of recent times. This machine gives a very different slant on the meaning of “morning rush”. No longer do we need worry about making time in a morning to have a coffee, it will already be there warm and ready to slurp the moment you wake up.



Sticking to our watch theme, TomTom have taken things into their own hands and come up with a bit of GPS wrist action. By locating exactly where you are, the large display shows you in real time how near or far you are from your destination. Watch conosseurs will also appreciate the myriad of functions you would expect from a top of the range sporty timepiece.



Sometimes the quickest route – especially in the middle of Singapore rush-hour – is a longer, more convoluted one. The new range of GPS from TomTom pinpoints exactly where delays begin and end, taking you through the fastest detours available. The display also offers three-dimensional viewing, showing certain buildings and landmarks so you shouldn’t ever be confused where you are.
$249 to $359



Picture the scenario: it’s Friday night, and after a long, arduous week in the office, you’re ready to kick back in front of the telly with a bottle of something cool, fizzy and hoppy. Then you realize you’ve no bottle opener, or the one you do own is in the kitchen drawer, which is far too far away from the sofa. Thankfully the Clicker 2-in1 remote not only changes the channel on your tv, it doubles up as a handy bottle opener. Genius.



Well actually it’s a motion deactivated travel alarm clock, which means that if you crave an extra few minutes of shut-eye after you’ve been abruptly woken from the land of nod, then you can wave your hand in the air and ‘snooze mode’ will promptly kick in. Works from 16 feet away, and is made for travel – a must-pack item.



Here at EX we are big fans of sleek and stylish headphones (we’ve noticed, Jake – you include them every single issue – Ed). With Bluetooth accessibility you can now say goodbye to those pesky cords that dilute your otherwise effortless cool. The classy style accompanied with AKG signature sound makes this the perfect piece of musical headwear.