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Some of the best family photographers, revealed

There are a lot of great family photographers in Singapore, so how do you choose who to use? To get the best result from the shoot, it’s important to have a good repartee with the person behind the camera – to understand who they are and what motivates them. You also want someone who makes the effort to get to know you and your family.

To find out more about them, we asked three photographers why they choose to go into the business, what’s influenced their style, and their career highs and lows.

Maryann Koh

My parents divorced when I was five, and I grew up shuttling between mum and dad’s homes; so, I ended up with very few photos with my parents. Then, when my first child Kayden was born, I took thousands of photos of him, but none of them with me. (Even our pet cat Momo had photos with him!)

I realised that he would end up with the same problem as me – undocumented moments with his parents. It got me thinking; if I can help families document their family moments and enjoy the process, why not make a business out of it? Starting The Studio Loft has allowed me to make a living out of my hobby as well as the freedom to spend time with my sons as they grow. It’s been a great 11 years!

While studying film and TV production in university, I took photography as an elective. Over the years, the internet and books were also instrumental in my learning journey as a photographer. Still, if you spend too much time on social media looking at others’ work, you’ll have less time finding and honing your own style. My style is to use both studio lighting and natural light in my work, but the lighting is always natural-looking. I don’t go for fancy lighting, and I don’t over-complicate things.

I love that I can tell stories through my lens! Be it a pregnancy, welcoming a newborn into the family or just everyday life stories, I can tell your story with photography and film. A great photo or film evokes an emotion, a reaction, a memory. That’s what I hope to achieve with each client I shoot for, that they will look back on the images and remember that moment of their life. If they smile, laugh or even shed a tear, then I know I’ve done a great job.

Recently, one of my images was awarded third place in the maternity category of the NAPCP . It gave me a real sense of achievement and recognition of my work. Other highlights of my career include being selected to be in a CNA documentary called Asia Exposed in 2010, and when The Studio Loft was voted Best/Favourite Photography Studio by readers of Expat Living magazine in both 2015 and 2016. (Thank you!)

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Kate Griffiths

I’ve always been creative and had a passion and interest in photography, but the route to doing it professionally wasn’t straightforward. I completed a degree in nursing and qualified as a registered general nurse, but was sadly involved in a car accident that ended my career as a nurse. After picking myself up and getting a job that would allow me to use my medical skills, I became disillusioned with the corporate lifestyle and took a good hard look at what I wanted to do with my life and creative energy. I decided on a career in photography and went back to study, enrolling in Art & Design School in London.

Best family photographers
Kate and her sister Emily work together

With no prospective clients, and no experience in running a studio or photography company, I sought the help of a mentor from the British Institute of Professional Photography (BIPP) who gave up his time to develop me as a professional photographer. I worked for him for free in his studio one day a week for a year and left with a Licentiateship qualification with the BIPP. After pulling many ‘all-nighters’ working on test shots in Photoshop, shooting in my own home and in the homes of friends and relatives, I set up Littleones Photography in London and have never looked back.

When I moved to Singapore I wanted to become a Master Photographer with the prestigious MPA (Master Photography Association) and was lucky enough to be adopted by a great photographer here called William Ng, who was a Fellow. With his experience and guidance, I achieved my dream and become an Associate Master Photographer. He taught me to use my skills with young children and people to capture the natural candid moments of life, and to look for things other people didn’t see – the moments. He taught me to realise that to be successful you need to be different from all the others and have something unique about how you make photographs move people.

best family photographers

I love meeting people, talking to people from different backgrounds and cultures, and making people happy by capturing their true selves. I also appreciate the freedom to work for myself and to work around my children, as well as to be able to show them that anything is possible if you work hard and are a good and kind person.

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Ashley Low

After seven years in the advertising world, I chose to go into photography as it allows me to express how I feel about the subjects I photograph. I love newborns and babies especially – they’re so natural and unpretentious, and such fun to be with. It’s also fun to think of ideas for my shoots – the sets, props and colours – and to combine these elements to set the stage so that the little ones are comfortable and look adorable, to bring out their natural cuteness.

best family photographers

I have two mentors who are award-winning newborn photographers based in Australia – Elise Walton and LuisaDunn. They’re both into colours, and they influenced me to use more of it through flowers and styling to add finesse to my photography. I blended what I learnt from them with the use of props I found internationally to create a style of my own.

I love getting to know each and every child in my shoots. Discovering their character and personality allows me to think how I can deliver images that the parents will love – and that I’ll love too. Each baby brings a new challenge, yet they all look so adorable and make me smile whenever I photograph them or edit their pictures. Their naturalness feels so pure, it makes me love my work so much.

I was awarded the title of Master Photographer by the Master Photographers Association UK in 2016. I’m so proud of it; it has given me a sense of acknowledgement that my work has improved over the years. However, whenever a customer leaves an organic review on my Facebook page I feel even more of a sense of achievement. That to me is priceless, and it assures me that I’m doing the right thing for my customers – it’s a hugely satisfying.

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