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Who won this fantastic bed? Are you looking for a new one?

Looking for the best beds in Singapore? There are some really good furniture stores in town, but our Editor-in-Chief, Rebecca Bisset felt like Goldilocks finding the perfect bed when she lay on a mattress by German brand Hilker at Harvey Norman, Millenia Walk.

best beds in Singapore
Rebecca feeling like Goldilocks – just right!

Everyone who entered the recent Hilker SNAP & WIN Photo Contest in conjunction with Harvey Norman was longing to win the new Hilker Grund Acacia bed. It was compulsory to test the mattress before entering the competition – so they knew what was in store, if they won.. Excuse the pun! I laid down on it to test it too and they had to prise me off!

But, as always, there could only be one lucky winner – and that was Winnie Ling Ling (and she was very happy!). When Rebecca asked what she was most happy about, she replied that the bed was going to be a ‘baby-maker’ for her and her husband. They’ve been trying for years with no luck and she’s convinced this bed is going to make all the difference. We will have to check on them in a couple of months! She loved the fact that the mattress was soft and giving, but firm enough to support your body. Most of us know what it’s like to sleep on a hard mattress (particularly those from a Western country where soft is the norm), and how your body feels after a night on one of them.

best beds in Singapore
Winnie and her family

Over and above comfort, the mattress is perfect for this climate: it doesn’t sweat, the natural latex doesn’t get hot, it’s breathable, and it’s dust-mite resistant, naturally hypo-allergenic and will not support mildew or bacteria. (We all know how musty everything can become here, even with air-conditioning.) Also, the spring coils are made from titanium alloy, which nullifies the negative charges that are formed by our electromagnetic field – good for a better sleep, and means it will never rust.

From a comfort point of view, the range has everything from more basic and firmer styles around $1,800 to one that would have made Marie Antoinette ecstatic for an elaborate $19,000! Definitely pop down to Harvey Norman and have a lie on them.

best beds in Singapore
The new Grund Acacia mattress by Hilker

The Grund Acacia mattress that Winnie won was actually launched in Singapore before it debuted in its home country, Germany. Hilker has been around since 1888 (nearly as old as Rebecca) and there have now been four generations (all named Ernst Hilker) behind what is now one of the leading brands of furniture manufacturers.



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