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AIS’s new Early Learning Campus = happy little learners

Choosing a preschool in Singapore is no easy task, which is why the brand new Early Learning Campus at The Australian International School (AIS) is such exciting news for parents. Designed to offer an ideal learning environment for pre-schoolers, its child-led spaces and Reggio Emilia-inspired philosophy put kids and exploration right at the heart of the learning experience.

Located at the AIS campus in Lorong Chuan, the new centre was designed by leading architects, environmental psychologists and early learning specialists to attain the holy grail of preschool education: happy young learners. We take a look at how the unique facilities and teaching approach at the new centre make this school really stand out.

Australian International School classroom
Light-filled classrooms are designed to inspire creativity.

Light and airy spaces feel like a home away from home

Spacious and flooded with natural light, each classroom connects directly to its own covered outdoor area where sandpits, creativity project tables and sensory play equipment are just waiting to be discovered. Child-sized doors invite kids to wander freely in and out, making them feel right at home.

Classroom clusters for collaboration and social skills

From their safe and secure classroom environments children are encouraged to play and collaborate with fellow students thanks to a unique clustering design. Groups of classrooms are positioned together to forge feelings of community and sharing. There’s also a class-buddy program, which prompts younger learners to engage with older students for an easier transition into the next stages of learning.

Australian International School play ground
Outdoor play areas encourage exploration and fun.

Beyond the classroom

Learning to swim is a rite of passage for Australian children and a virtual necessity in Singapore. With its series of concealed resting platforms, the school’s specially-designed 22-metre swimming pool is the perfect place for youngsters to learn water safety and swimming skills. Sprawling outdoor play areas with plenty of shade from the hot Singapore sun provide ample space to play and explore out in the fresh air. The resource area of each classroom cluster features a mini-library, teaching kitchen and science area. A range of shared, multi-functional areas, including a library and inquiry centre, and a multipurpose hall for sports, dance, performance and play, are spread across the campus.

A Reggio Emilia-inspired curriculum

The school’s teaching philosophy is inspired by the principles of Reggio Emilia, an approach which emphasises the importance the environment plays in education. Featuring inquiry based learning, coupled with thoughtfully designed spaces, it encourages children to explore ideas, discover their world and experience the fun of learning. The International Baccalaureate (IB) Primary Years Programme (PYP) is introduced from three years old, providing a solid foundation for future education.

Australian International School swimming pool
Parents can check out their child’s progress in the pool from the family observation deck.

Bringing parents closer to their child’s education

A family observation deck at the swimming pool, a café to linger and relax and a workshop program that brings parents and staff together to share ideas, expertise and experience, are just some of the ways the new campus helps parents become more involved in their little ones’ early education. A flexible schedule allows families to design the school week around their particular needs, which means busy parents can spend some quality time with their kids. Good parent-teacher links are vital to any child’s success and the design of the new campus actively encourages this by drawing parents into the educational experience.

Join AIS at their Early Years Open House to find out more. Limited spaces remaining.

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