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A wish for the animals

The majority of animal shelters in Singapore rely on the generosity of the public, who either donate their time as volunteers or give money to help the cause. The stray animal population continues to be an issue here, so we asked representatives from some of the leading animal shelters what their wishes are for Christmas and beyond.

animal shelters in singapore
Resident SPCA cats

Fiona Foo, Founder of Hope Dog Rescue

“Hope Dog Rescue provides dog food to factory workers who care for strays living in their factory compounds. We also provide food to low-income families who have fallen on hard times but are doing the best they can to keep their dogs with them. Research has shown that having a pet can slow down the development of dementia, and that the companionship of pets has a positive impact on the general wellbeing of senior citizens; so we provide dog food to senior citizens who need help to care for their dogs. “We also provide medical aid for for all these dogs when it’s needed, and for the street dogs that aren’t as fortunate. So, for 2017, we hope that you will continue to support us and believe in what we do, in order that we can keep on making dogs and their humans happy!”

To find out how you can help, go to hopedogrescue.blogspot.sg.

dog adoption singapore
Fiona Foo, Hope Dog Rescue

“These dogs will line the streets and wait for us on the days they know we are coming,” says Fiona. Hope Dog Rescue provides workers and animal caregivers at factories with cat and dog food. These people also help Hope catch the dogs and cats for sterilisation.

saving stray dogs in singapore
Ricky Yeo, Action for Singapore Dogs

Ricky Yeo, Action for Singapore Dogs

“I have a practical wish for the dogs in my care. If I could wake up tomorrow to crate-loads of flea- and tick-killing brand Frontline Plus, and Heartguard to prevent heartworm, I would be happy! Then there would be another crate containing dog food, shampoo, leashes and collars; and people willing to help out with walking, washing and playing duties. “Our philosophy ‘One Dog at a Time’ means that we will do what it takes to ensure the dogs in our care receive the very best treatment, however poorly they may be. We believe we are speaking up for and representing the 8,000 stray and helpless dogs in Singapore, and we aim to show that local stray dogs can be so full of love and loyalty – all they need is a chance to show it.”

For more information on Action For Dogs and its activities, go to asdsingapore.com or facebook.com/asdsingapore.

dog adoption singapore
Kevin Neo, Exclusively Mongrels

Kevin Neo, Exclusively Mongrels

“Our wish is for Singapore to be more tolerant towards stray dogs, for there to be less need for culling, and for more dogs to find forever homes. How do we do this? By holding more adoption drives throughout the year to educate the public on tolerance, as well as working more closely with the AVA (Agrifood and Veterinary Authority of Singapore) on stray dog management issues. Adoption drives, social media posts and word of mouth help with finding foster carers and then, hopefully, adopters for all the dogs who need a home.”

Find out more at facebook.com/exclusivelymongrels.

animal rescue organisations in singapore
Dr Jaipal Singh Gill & Ida, SPCA

Dr Jaipal Singh Gill, Executive Director of SPCA

“Right now, we only have two vehicles for our 24-hour emergency animal rescue, cruelty and welfare investigation services. We’ve been using one of the vehicles for 19 years, and it’s reaching the end of its life. So, we could do with sponsorship for a rescue vehicle in order to continue running our critical animal welfare services. “Our dedicated rescue officers attend to over 2,000 emergencies a year. Their work is not without risk, and it attracts no fanfare; they dutifully carry out their mission to save countless animals from life-threatening situations.”

If you’re interested in sponsoring a rescue vehicle, email fundraising@spca.org.sg. You can also sponsor items on their christmas wish-list here.

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