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A permanent home bouquet with fake flowers

There’s something about a gorgeous bloom on your console, or a lovely bunch of flowers on the table, that really lifts a room. Fresh flowers don’t come cheap in Singapore, so here are some great places to buy artificial flowers instead.

flower, pink
Originals: Paita flower, $16


Not only can you purchase some seriously cool furniture from Originals, but you can pick up a pretend posy or two as well – from classic and clean white, to pink, purple and more. Prices are competitive and definitely worth a look.

flower, artificial
Originals: Kilimanjaro branch, $44

If you love roses but hate the fact they die so quickly, check out Christine’s Corner. The flowers here are fresh cut, dried and dyed, and can last up to six months without any watering. They’re best suited to moderate environments or air-conditioned rooms, and kept out of direct sunlight. Prices on request.

roses, artificial
Christine’s Corner: Roses, prices on request

Both Spotlight and IKEA offer artificial flowers at reasonable prices. Okay, they may not fool many people, but they’re a simple and affordable way to add an organic touch, or a blast of colour. Prices at Spotlight range from $2.99 to $29.99, while IKEA has gerberas from 90c, up to $19.90 for an artificial potted orchid.

gerberas, flowers
IKEA flowers from 90 cents

British mum of two Becca de Saint Maur started Silk Flowers Singapore to move away from “plastic fantastic” artificial arrangements, and offer high quality and realistic artificial blooms. You can purchase Becca’s pieces online and she also offers a bespoke “at home” service.

silk flower, artificial flowers
Silk Flowers Singapore: Single potted orchid, from $100


Also try … the fifth floor of The Verge, 2 Serangoon Road. There are plenty of spots here that supply faux flowers, including Daco, Vanda Win, Ming Sing Flowers, and Steve Florist.

floral designer, Karen French
Karen French


Karen French – Floral designer, consultant, stylist and author – gives us some advice on choosing and looking after faux flowers
‘Thanks to advances in technology, some silk and other artificial flowers now look breathtakingly real. While we all love a fresh bloom, there are some situations and rooms where the real deal isn’t as practical, and the faux variety comes into its own. Perhaps there’s not enough light, or you’re seeking a certain look but those specific flowers are out of season – artificial flowers to the rescue!’

Tips: Choose the best quality; it’s worth the investment

  • Choose flowers in realistic colours
  • Mix the faux flowers between real foliage for a more believable look
  • Avoid the word “fake”; instead, refer to them as “faux botanicals” or “permanent botanicals”
  • They can be big dust collectors so it’s important to keep them clean and free of dust


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