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Waxing for Men: What’s all the fuss about?

Waxing is becoming more and more popular among men, whether it’s for purely aesthetic reasons, or to assist performance among athletes such as swimmers and cyclists.

If cyclists take a tumble then their body hair acts as Velcro and the result is big patches of skin being torn off. Swimmers like to shave to aid aerodynamics and to remove the thin layer of dead skin cells that coat the outer layer of the epidermis; as well as making them feel fresher, this creates more sensitive cells and results in a heightened feel for the water.

Get ready to dab those eyes, lads 

But it’s not just athletes who need to keep their body hair in check. Gone are the days when men could act like cavemen and look like them too. Admittedly, the 1960s version of James Bond sported a rug on his chest, but times change, and the girls went even more wild when Daniel Craig marched out of the ocean in his blue trunks and buff, dolphin-like body.

If you want to go down the 21st-century James Bond route, then Visage The Salon on Orchard Road has started treating more and more men wanting wax treatments as well as their usual hair styling clients.

Visage offers a full range of services, from popular back and chest waxing to removal of hair from the arms, legs and armpits. Pay a visit, and discover your inner Bond!