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Have a very vegetarian Christmas

Being vegan or vegetarian at Christmas can be tricky when the pièce de résistance is commonly a turkey, and it seems every other dish is designed for a meat lover. Don’t suffer with sprouts alone any longer, we’ve pulled together a bumper list to help you create a very vegetarian Christmas dinner!

vegetable christmas tree
Tasty snack ideas for a very vegetarian Christmas

Food Shopping in Singapore

We’ve walked the aisles of grocery stores in Singapore, and here is what we’ve found that may help you in pulling together a feast.


Order online for a great selection of mock-meat. There’s mutton, duck, prawn and fish balls, among others! Head to redmart.com/search/ART/frozen


Brands to watch out for include Fry’s, Lian Yi, Tian Tian, Xiang, Cixin, Companion and Nuttelex (a vegan butter alternative!) Shop online here:  giantonline.com.sg/catalog/dairy-frozen/vegetarian-food

Super Nature

If cheese that’s not cheese is on your Christmas food wish-list, Super Nature has you covered with Vegan Gourmet Mozarella and Cheddar, as well as yoghurt, buttery spreads, and coconut milks. Visit supernature.com.sg

vegetarian christmas
Delicious side dishes!

The Fitness Grocer

If you’re feeling guilty after over-indulging this holiday season, head to thefitnessgrocer.com for healthy snacks and protein bars. They also have cookies, dressings and syrups.

Ryan’s Grocery

Shop at Ryan’s for pancake and falafel mixes, brownies, cakes and scones. There’s also a great selection of organic fruit and vegetables. ryansgrocery.com


100% organic and vegetarian, surely you have heard of Amy’s for gorgeous vegetarian fare. There’s also free shipping when you spend more than $50, so start shopping: amys.sg

Recipes for a Vegetarian Christmas Feast

We’ve gathered together a collection of our favourite vegan and vegetarian Christmas recipes to inspire you this holiday season.

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Jamie Oliver’s Christmas

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Merry Christmas, and happy feasting!

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