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Where to get painless permanent hair removal

By: Azlinda Said

Being a woman can be hard work, especially if we are born with more body hair than we’d like. For the sake of hygiene (and vanity), we tweeze, pluck, shave, wax, epilate…. just to be smooth and clean in areas like our underarms, legs and even down south. Most of us can relate to the pain of waxing, the discomfort of having ingrown hair and the itchiness of stubbles. Plus, the hair that grows back is guaranteed to be coarser and thicker, and will take more time to get rid of the next time round.



But with Intense Pulsed Light, or IPL, treatment, hair removal became easy to do. French beauty clinic EstheClinic knows this – having been in the business for 15 years. It even developed its own innovative IPL machine (working in synergy with BVA technology), which safely and effectively removes facial and body hair on all types of skin, be it light, tanned or dark. Essentially, the machine uses light and heat to do the job, but without the pain and discomfort. And the best part is, the hair stays off for a long, long time – it only takes between six and eight sessions for up to 90 per cent of the hair to be completely gone.

How do we know this? Well, because the proof is in the pudding.Three of Expat Living’s team members went under EstheClinic‘s IPL machine to find out its efficacy. Here’s what they had to (excitedly) say.

Short, sweet and painless
‘I have only ever tried a course of IPL once before and it was far from successful. What I can only describe as long sessions of painful shock therapy left me with tender skin and minimal results once the course was complete. ‘Beauty is pain’, they say.

But Estheclinic has proven to me that this is not always the case. My consultation was swift yet thorough. I filled out the standard form highlighting any medical concerns and talked through my areas of concern. Manon Allano – the clinic’s managing director – comforted me with the promise of fast results and minimal discomfort, so I went all-in and opted to target my legs, armpits and the ever-sensitive bikini area.

My first IPL session had me speechless (not literally, as the friendly therapist had me chatting away like we were childhood friends). A comfy bed, a lathering of cool gel and a few up-and-down sweeps of their famed Permanent Pulse machine and I was out of there. Each area took no more than seven minutes and was virtually painless. The bikini area is, of course, slightly more sensitive, but if anything, the session felt good! The cooling gel and fluid stroke of the machine were almost therapeutic and masked the sensation of faint zaps as the quick flashes targeted the hair follicles. If it wasn’t for the small-scale acrobatics involved in making sure that the entire bikini area was covered by the treatment, I could have easily dozed off mid-session.

I was sceptical that the effects would be seen immediately, but I was wrong. Within three to four days, the hair was falling off with no more than a brush of a sweater and was slow to grow back. Usually, after a waxing session, hair regrowth happened in no more than three weeks. But just one session with EstheClinic had me silky soft all over for well over a month.



Three sessions in and my skin is reaping the rewards. What is left of the hair on my legs is barely noticeable and growing at a snail’s pace, so much so that I no longer have to shave in-between sessions. The hair in other areas is growing back slower and gets finer with every session. Best of all, the service is tip-top and the sessions, oh-so-quick. Perfect for working girls like me, as treatment can be done over lunch and in a jiffy!’

Leanda Rathmell, regional client services and production manager

Bye-bye, ingrown hair!
‘Since my early teens, I’ve tried (and failed) to find the answer to keeping my legs completely hair-free. I have dark hair, so when I shave my lower legs, I can still see dark dots under the skin, and I can feel the hair growing back within a day or so. I’ve tried creams, epilators, home waxing kits – you name them, I probably have had a stab at them – with little success.

I’ve been waxing my bikini line and upper portion of my legs since my 20s, and moving to sunny Singapore means I’ve increased the amount of times I do this, in order to appear fairly hairless most of the time. The constant waxing, however, has led to more (and uglier) ingrown hair, till I now feel uncomfortable wearing anything less than shorts around the pool.

The next step for me, I thought, is to try IPL, so I can hopefully get rid of the hair almost permanently, and erase those hideous ingrown marks across my legs.

Opting for what EstheClinic calls a Brazilian bikini (meaning along the knicker line) and upper legs, I booked my first session in June. I’d already been told to shave the chosen areas two to three days before the treatment, so I was ready. The therapist explained to me that the machine used for the treatment will be rolled across my skin, instead of plodding up and down. I’d tried the second method on my armpits once and it seemed to take far longer than it should.

After applying a cooling gel, the therapist began the completely painless session. Imagine someone rolling a cold metal ball over your skin – that’ s pretty much how the treatment went… not uncomfortable at all. Although it should take 30 minutes to treat my legs and 15 minutes for my bikini area, the whole treatment only took half an hour in total.

I was told not to wax between sessions, just shave, which was what I had always dreaded in the past – having to prune the waxed areas frequently before my next appointment. But even after just one session at EstheClinic, I noticed significant hair loss, and only had to shave twice between the first and second appointment (which was four weeks later).


Want a sexier bikini line?
Want a sexier bikini line?


Since the second session, I’ve noticed even more hair loss, to the point where I’ve only had to shave once in the last two weeks. Hair along my bikini line is still noticeable, but there are clear patches of bare skin, and larger clear patches of skin on my legs.

With four more sessions to go, I’m excited that I finally may be able to get back into a swimsuit without breaking out into a paranoid sweat! I’ll keep you posted.’

Amy Brook-Partridge, home and property editor

Finer hair all around
‘While living in Singapore is wonderful, it certainly comes with many of its own beauty challenges. For example, how do you stop your hair from frizzing up the moment you step out the door or how do you prevent your make-up from running down your face? But most importantly, how do you keep your hairy areas fuzz-free as you spend increasing amounts of time wearing shorts and bikinis?

After 14 years of shaving, waxing and epilating, I have ended up with coarser and darker ingrown hair, and a couple of nasty razor scars. Team that up with the fact that I am a huge wimp when it comes to waxing, and I have finally decided to try out the wonders of IPL.

After speaking to the ultra helpful team at EstheClinic, I was  advised to go for IPL under my arms and around my bikini line. I was told to prepare the areas by shaving two to three days before treatment.

As the day neared, I couldn’t help but feel nervous that this would be another painful hair removal experience for me. But the delightful therapist alleviated my fears as she explained the process, that unlike other IPL treatments, the machine – using permanent pulse technology – simply glides across the skin and won’t hover for too long in any one area, thus eliminating any stinging sensation.



After handing me some snazzy-looking shades and prepping the areas to be treated, the therapist liberally applied cooling gel on my body and began. And true enough, the session was completely pain-free. It simply felt like a metal ball was being rolled across my skin. I am so relieved to have found a hair removal treatment that didn’t leave me wincing in pain. I had 15 minutes scheduled for my underarms, and 30 minutes for my bikini area, but quite honestly, I was done and out of the beauty clinic in no time at all. In fact, I love how I can squeeze in a quick appointment with them during lunch time or even after work, thanks to their late opening hours (from 11am to 8pm).

After my first treatment, I noticed that the hair on my underarms was thinning and I didn’t have to shave them every day. After my second treatment six weeks later, I have gone down to shaving my armpits once every three days!

With just four more sessions to go, I am excited to see the finished results. I also love not having to dread monthly waxes or underarm razor burns. I am an IPL convert, for sure!’

Natalie Whittell, regional brands partnership and events manager

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Prices per session start from $90 for the face and $120 for the body.