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Top Secret Santa gifts for under $20

Top Secret Santa Gifts 

To Americans it’s Secret Santa, Australians know it as Kris Kringle and in the Philippines it’s Monito-monita. Whatever you call it, buying a present for the accountant or boss’s secretary is never the easiest, so we’ve done the legwork for you.

Framed photo of the boss
At our office Christmas party a few days ago, one of our colleagues was given a framed photo of the boss. Brilliant, we think.
$3.90; Ikea

Starbucks gift card
Share some Eggnog Latte joy.
From $10; Starbucks

100 Paper Planes to Fold and Fly
No doubt there’ll be an office contest in the New Year to see who can fold the meanest flying machine.
$20.20; Kinokuniya Books

Something from back home
Ang moh yacking on and on about how the tea tastes different here? Show your sensitive side and wrap up a few of their favourite food items from back home. If you’ll find it anywhere, it’ll be at Tanglin Market Place

Golden Village Candy Bar Vouchers
As practical as this may seem, you may want to keep it permanently anonymous if gifting to a woman who is even remotely rotund.
From $5; Golden Village

One year’s subscription to EX
Sorry, we couldn’t help ourselves.
$15; exmag