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Slimming treatments in Singapore: Toning-up without surgery, tried and tested by EL

While we’d all love to make time for personal trainers, thousands of sit-ups and 10k runs every week, the reality is that losing weight and toning up those difficult areas takes up hours and saps oodles of energy. And, even then, burning off that tiresome soft bit that clings onto fat for dear life isn’t always achievable – if genetics dictates that your thighs are always going to be a little bit wobbly, no amount of squats will change that.

So it’s no surprise that heaps of women are turning to exciting new technologies that promise to hone in on those precise areas that give us grief. They can be targeted to remove the fat in very specific areas in the space of a few months.

Not our bum. But it could be!


One lovely spa that has been offering non-invasive slimming systems for years is The Body Firm, who have helped thousands of ladies in Singapore discover the muscles lurking below their stubborn fleshy bits. As fat-busting experts, The Body Firm girls have created a refined list of treatments that can be tailored to all shapes and sizes. And as close pals of the Delfi Orchard salon, EL has tried and tested them all over the years! So it’s time to share the love and give you all the skinny (literally) on what’s on offer and how it can help you out. Each of the below can be mixed and matched as part of different packages and programmes, according to where or why you need a hand.

The Body Firm System
Getting hooked up to the specialised pads (which, depending on your tricky bit, can be placed around four areas – the abs, waist, buttocks, thighs, hips, arms or knees) isn’t at all painful – but very new. The high frequency waveforms are intense; our limbs took on a life of their own as the muscles were repeatedly stimulated and toned. It was impressive to watch our abs being drawn out – and we were only on level four (out of 10)! Being attached to this for 25 minutes is the equivalent to spending several hours at the gym, and it’s easy to see why. The next day, our abs ached as if we’d spent the afternoon crunching with Hugh Jackman. The Body Firm System is focused more around toning-up your muscles (although fat is burned in the process) and it’s worth booking at least 12 sessions (2-3 a week) to see dramatic results. Depending on which package you choose, you can pay as little as $89.00 per session.

Target the areas that are always the last to go - regardless of exercise 

Presenting one hell of a fat-buster, the iLipo uses laser to simply shrink the fat cells in your body. Within a relatively short period of time, and with zero pain, you can choose specific areas to target and enjoy serious fat reduction. Often applied following a session on The Body Firm System, try to keep your eyes open while laser energy is lovingly released through stationary treatment pads into the parts you want to tackle (thighs for us!). In just 25 minutes, around 500 calories of fat are burned! And if you can wake yourselves up afterwards, it’s recommended to exercise within two hours to continue the high-rate of fat burning. Depending on whether you do this and how much fat you’re looking to banish, eight sessions (two a week) is a recommended. From $299 a go.

Tripollar Radio System
The Tripollar Radio System is a heated gizmo that massages any pocked, lined or saggy area on the body. The 25-minute session is both relaxing and firming, and physically applied by one of The Body Firm pros. The technology heats fat cells and accelerates their metabolism. It also stimulates the body’s natural skin renewal processes, tightening the skin and reducing stretch marks and cellulite. Can we have this instead of ever going to the gym, please? Again, you may or may not doze off at this point. Tripollar starts at $299 per session.

Physically pumping the skin gets the cells going too 

While technology is snazzy and all, there’s a lot be said for good ol’ elbow grease when it comes to battling fatty cells. The Body Firm offers an anti-cellulite massage, which you’re unlikely to fall asleep during! It’s a well-honed, professional technique that firmly kneads dimpled skin to improves blood flow circulation and break up cellulite deposits. After 30-minutes with a pair of fast-working hands, our legs were left tingling apologetically for daring to harbour unwanted flab.

So there you have it! A complete guide to the slimming treatments available for you and your limbs at TBF, as tried and tested by the EL team themselves. Go forth and get yourself a set of Rihanna-style abs. The Body Firm: 402 Orchard Road, #04-20 Delfi Orchard, 6838 0331.