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Back fat, saggy jawline and cellulite, be gone!

Looking for a quick yet effective treatment to rid those pesky fats or eliminate stretch marks? We’ve rounded up our top seven slimming treatments around, that’ll guarantee you look (and feel) fit and fab in no time. From back fat to firming up that jawline: go forth and sculpt!

face slimming
Exillis slims down your jawline

For slimming the jawline: Exilis

Where: Mendis Aesthetics & Surgery

This non-invasive treatment uses a combination of radiofrequency waves, thermal energy and ultrasound technology to smooth wrinkles and firm up lax skin on the face, neck or body. What’s involved? A radiofrequency device delivers controlled high energy to the dermal and subcutaneous layers of the skin to destroy fat cells, which are then broken down and eliminated naturally from the body, effectively melting away fat.

How many sessions will it take to get visible results?

Four in total, one every two weeks or according to a time frame recommended by the doctor.

Any downtime required?

No, and any side effects like mild discomfort and tenderness resolve quickly.

Try it at:

Mendis Aesthetics & Surgery
#04-17 Mandarin Gallery
333A Orchard Road
6235 1728 | drmendis.com

This slimming treatment freezes and eliminates fat cells

For back fat and bra bulges: CoolSculpting

Where: Cutis Medical Laser Clinics

This fat reduction procedure targets, freezes and eliminates fat cells. It’s extremely popular for treating stubborn-to-shift double chins, armpit fat, saddlebags and flabby thighs. What’s involved? CoolSculpting permanently destroys fat cells using a safe cooling technology called Cryolipolysis. It noticeably and permanently reduces fat in the treated areas. First, you’re marked and measured to determine what size “grip” fits best. The selected areas are then suctioned between the two cooling plates of the applicator. After an hour, the applicator is removed, leaving the compacted fat behind. The solid block of fat is then kneaded to help break it down, after which it is then expelled naturally from the body over the next couple of months.

How many sessions will it take to get visible results?

You may start to see changes three weeks after the session, but results are more typically visible after two months. Your body will still continue to flush out the debris of dead fat cells for up to four to six months. It’s best to arrange a consultation before your treatment, as the recommended number of sessions may vary from person to person.

Any downtime required?

This varies, as the discomfort level will depend on your pain threshold, as well as on the areas treated.

Try it at:

Cutis Medical Laser Clinics
#08-07 Scotts Medical Centre
9 Scotts Road Pacific Plaza
6801 4000 | cutislaserclinics.com


stretch marks
Remove stretch marks with this painless treatment by Estheclinic

For stretch marks: Stretch Marks Removal Treatment

Where: Estheclinic

This treatment combines three innovative technologies: Thermo-controlled radiofrequency, Le DermaBooster XL and LED Photomodulation. Thermo-controlled radiofrequency is a non-invasive procedure that helps collagen regain its original structure, and encourages the growth of fibroblasts (a collagen-producing cell). The results? Tighter and firmer skin, with less visible stretch marks. The second technology, Le DermaBooster XL, uses a micro-needling device that stimulates the deep layers of the skin to promote a skin healing process and flood collagen to the scars, leading to skin renewal and regeneration. Finally, LED Photomodulation activates the fibroblasts to stimulate new collagen growth, which softens and evens out the stretch marks. softening and flattening out the stretch marks.

How many sessions will it take to get visible results?

The number of sessions required depends on the individual’s skin conditions, but typically 10 to 15 sessions are needed for full results. Recent stretch marks can be improved by 50 to 80 percent, while the older ones tend to be more stubborn.

Any downtime required?

Thankfully, the non-invasive treatment is completely painless and requires no downtime.

Try it at:

Three locations islandwide

tummy fat
Get rid of pesky fats around the waistline

For persistent fat around the waistline: BTL Vanquish ME

Where: BTL Aesthetics

A non-surgical, non-invasive option for stubborn belly fat? Yes, please! BTL Vanquish ME (ME stands for Maximum Energy) is an excellent (and award-winning) treatment for getting rid of fat pockets that accumulate around the midsection – muffin tops, bulging tummies and saddlebags. What’s involved? Similar to the original BTL Vanquish, the updated BTL Vanquish ME delivers thermal energy to the fat layer while protecting the skin tissue above it. The applicator sends concentrated power to the treatment area, preventing hotspots and allowing for a higher overall temperature rise, which means a faster rate of fat breakdown. This fairly quick treatment – 45 minutes on the tummy and 30 minutes for thighs and love handles – is virtually pain-free, the feeling often likened to a hot stone massage.

How many sessions will it take to get visible results?

You may experience visible changes in the treated area after only a single session, but improvements are more typically noticeable after four to six weeks. So, for maximal effectiveness, four to six treatments are recommended at weekly intervals.

Any downtime required?

No. It’s ideal for someone who’s strapped for time, as there’s no downtime at all. You could even have it done during your lunch break.

Try it at:

Various clinics, check btlaesthetics.com/sg for locations

Get rid of stubborn cellulite

For stubborn cellulite: CACI Away Electro Cellulite Massage (ECM)

Where: SWUK Aesthetics

This needle-free treatment for pesky cellulite combines the therapeutic benefits of deep tissue massage with the effectiveness of microcurrent technology. The special massager is designed to adapt to the body contours of each individual, easily targeting specific problem areas. What’s involved? The massage head is applied in a rolling action, delivering microcurrent through its 24 gently charged rollers, stimulating circulation, toning and firming any saggy areas, and breaking down the fatty deposits that are the number one cause of cellulite. As a bonus, it makes your skin brighter and more radiant.

How many sessions will it take to get visible results?

You should see and feel a difference after your very first treatment. For maximal effectiveness, the centre recommends a total of 10 to 15 sessions, two per week, followed by a monthly maintenance session. You can opt for a 30-minute session if you’re time-starved, or indulge in a longer 60-minute treatment.

Any downtime required?


Try it at:

SWUK Aesthetics
#02-25 Alexandra Central
321 Alexandra Road
6250 1326 | swukaesthetics.com.sg



thermage slimming
Firm up the tummy with Thermage

For firming up the tummy and thigh areas: Thermage

Where: The Aesthetics Centre Laser and Medical Aesthetics Clinic

Ideal for firming up typical problem areas (read: tummy, thighs and butt!), Thermage uses radiofrequency (RF) technology to target them. If you’ve lost quite a bit of weight and suffer from loose skin, have recently had a baby or simply want a tighter stomach, this treatment could be for you. What’s involved? Thermage puts back the clock on your skin’s ageing process, using RF energy to heat the deeper layers of your skin, stimulating and promoting collagen growth so as to encourage firmer, younger-looking skin. It’s common to see an improvement in the look of stretch marks and cellulite, too.

How many sessions will it take to get visible results?

Generally, some improvement is immediately visible after the first session. The effect continues to improve for up to six months, as new collagen continues to form.

Any downtime required?

No. You’ll be able to resume your daily routine immediately after the session, and no special post-treatment care is required.

Try it at:

The Aesthetics Centre Laser and Medical Aesthetics Clinic
#01-33 Great World City Office
Tower 1 Kim Seng Promenade
6820 3308 | theaestheticscentre.com


ANTHIA CHNG test-drives a blissful slimming massage at Trimmings Salon and Spa.

slimming massage
Feel lighter and leaner with this slimming massage

For water retention: Slimming Massage, $125 for 90 minutes

Where: Trimmings Salon & Spa

Just a short drive down the road from Dempsey, Trimmings Salon & Spa is surrounded by lush greenery, so my visit felt almost like a mini-getaway. The spa, situated next to the salon parlour area, was playing calming Balinese music in the background to set the mood.

What’s involved?

The treatment starts with a 15-minute warm-up massage to loosen tight muscles, followed by a full body oil massage. The salon uses luxurious Decléor products, which are known for their suitability for those with sensitive skin. My therapist used a combination of deep tissue and lymphatic massage, with fast and rhythmic movements to help break down fatty deposits, stimulate circulation and increase blood flow to the muscles. For me, she focused mainly on problem areas like the stomach, waist, thighs and arms; you can specify what you’d like her to focus on, as you’ll be asked all your preferences before the treatment begins.

Bonus perk: you can take a shower after the massage, and bask in natural light with a cup of hot ginger tea before you head back to reality.  While it typically takes three to four massage sessions before seeing actual results, I noticed that after the first session my stomach looked a little tighter, and my waist slightly slimmer. – ANTHIA CHNG, Junior Editor

Try it at:

Trimmings Salon & Spa
75B Loewen Road
6471 1922 | trimmings.com.sg


This article appeared in the February 2017 edition of Expat Living. Head to the Shop to get your copy!

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