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Relaxing spa treatments: Organic facials to beat the stress

We’ve all had those days when nothing seems to go right. You wake up late, you burn your breakfast, your outfit needs ironing and you reach the office only to find you’re also late for a meeting with your boss.

Well, I had a week like that. Each day was a different but equally harrowing scenario. By the weekend my skin looked dull and lifeless and my muscles felt wound up from all the stress.

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A relaxing facial to beat the stress


So, I decided to book myself in for a relaxing afternoon at Le Petit Spa. Although it’s situated right on Tanglin Road, the spa feels like an oasis of calm in the bustling city. After chatting (read: ranting) with the friendly staff, they suggested that I try the Olos Rice Facial and the Stress Relief Massage, both billed as incredibly relaxing and rejuvenating – it sounded like just what I needed.

My afternoon of indulgence started with the Olos Rice Facial. Formulated in Italy, the products are organic and paraben-free, gentle and work especially well for women with sensitive skin. It’s also one of the few facials pregnant women can indulge in.

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Organic and gentle, these products can even be used by pregnant women


The treatment started with the therapist cleansing all my makeup, including the waterproof mascara with the Olos Rice Essence 3 in 1 Makeup remover. The formula is massaged in to gently coax out any impurities and dirt. As someone who subscribes to a double cleansing routine, I know it can get tedious especially when you’re so tired all you want to do is flop into bed. So it was a treat to have someone else take off my makeup – and bonus points to them for the mini massage.

Next, came the exfoliation stage to remove dead surface skin. Most women underestimate the need to exfoliate. It’s necessary to remove this layer of old cells, which if left can prevent your skincare from being properly absorbed.

With my skin suitably cleansed and exfoliated, the facialist went to work on key pulse points with a few drops of the Fitoessenza VD oil. A blend of herbs and spices, it helps kick-start lymphatic drainage. I chose this because my face looked puffy – probably from water retention and the lack of sleep that week. I don’t think the colas and cookies I’d gorged on helped either! She then massaged my face and neck first with a brush and then with her hands. The long, gentle strokes with the soft bristles not only help stimulate circulation, they also coax toxins out to be then eliminated from the body.

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Treat your skin to the moisturising and anti-oxidant benefits of rice with this facial


As I lay there dozing, my therapist whipped up the rice mask. Rich in wholegrain and purple and black rice, it nourishes and moisturises while providing antioxidant benefits. The contents of the mask come individually packaged and are mixed together for each client just before application, ensuring no double dipping and that each client gets a fresh pack.

The final part of the facial is undoubtedly the most relaxing. The mask sits for 15 minutes during which you can peacefully fall asleep. I was almost sad when the time came to remove the mask, but then I realised I still had my Stress Relief Massage to look forward to.

With my skin suitably taken of, it was time to undo the knots in my shoulders and the ease the tension in my back. As my body sank into the massage table the masseuse honed in on the area between my shoulder blades and expertly kneaded the muscles till they were slack. Long relaxing strokes took care of the tight back muscles and I felt the tension slip away. By the time she was done I felt light, refreshed and ready to take on the next week.

In case you’re looking to take a break from your Christmas preparations, book yourself into Le Petit Spa for the Olos Rice Facial. SMS 90065725 for your first trial booking priced only $86 (UP158).

Le Petit Spa, #02-01/04 Tudor Court Shopping Gallery, 145 Tanglin Road, 6733 7117