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Pets in Singapore: How to relocate dogs, plus great animal sitters

Want to relocate your pet from your home country to Singapore, but dreading the paperwork? Or perhaps you need a short-term minding service while you’re away on holiday. Two Expat Living readers recommend the pet services they use.


Nina Grönlund, Finland

“When we decided to bring our dog, Cilla, to Singapore last spring, I first thought I’d fix everything myself. But with the bureaucracy associated with importing animals into Singapore, I soon realised it would be easier to use a pet agent.

Kelvin from Kev Posh Pet Services called me after he received my email and sent me a detailed email regarding his services. It was this personal service that made me choose him over the few other pet agencies I contacted.

He came to our condo, filled out all the necessary paperwork and applied for the import licence from AVA. He also emailed me about the status of Cilla’s quarantine booking during my vacation in Finland, so I didn’t stress about this matter. All that I had to do was to see that the final veterinary check-ups were done in Finland.

Cilla travelled in the cabin with us to Changi Airport, and I had instructions from Kelvin to call him immediately we disembarked. I had to leave Cilla at the Lost and Found counter while he met us at the Arrivals hall with the documents. From there, he took Cilla straight to Changi Quarantine, where she spent her first night before transferring to Sembawang Quarantine Station. He spent two to three hours there with Cilla to check that she was OK, and called me to tell me how she was doing. Later that evening, he texted me several pictures of her. It was comforting to know that Kelvin was pending time with her.

After 10 days in quarantine, Kelvin brought Cilla home to us and gave me some good advice on looking after her here. A week later, he came to groom her, and by the way Cilla greeted him I knew he had treated her very well. I’m grateful to know that I can always give him a call if I have any issues, which is important to me as a ‘new’ dog owner in Singapore.”

Kev Posh Pet Services
9730 0296 |

Kay Britton, UK 

Kay Britton, UK

“As we were booking a holiday, we did an online search for a pet minder that we could trust with our cats. Rick from Pet Mobile came round to our apartment to meet Tinker and Zorro. Not only did he have a list of questions about them, but he also had practical questions regarding the flat itself, such as the location of the electricity cupboard in case of a problem.

Tinker and Zorro are street cats, so they are very shy and do not easily trust humans. Rick let them take their own time and seemed to understand their needs. When they let him say hello,  that was the deciding moment for me.

My first trip away from the cats was an anxious one, but Rick patiently answered my daily texts and emails and always put my fears to rest. He doesn’t just feed them, but he plays with them too. I would know if he didn’t play with them, as they would be crazy when we came back. When we got back from that trip, the cats were in perfect health and the house was in perfect order. He keeps an eye on their stools and we came back to the litter tray smelling fresh and clean. Our plants were alive and well, too.

My best tip would be to let your minder know everything about your pet, such as its favourite hideouts and toys; otherwise, he or she would have to find out the slow way.

I always text Rick to let him know that I’m back from my trip and to thank him for looking after the cats. One time, he didn’t receive my text, but phoned me anyway to make sure I was back and the cats were OK. Now, that’s service!”

Pet Mobile
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