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Office furniture hacks: Style tips from the experts

The home-office or study area tends to come a distant-last on the make-over list, after living areas and bedrooms. Whether it’s a separate space (lucky you!) or housed in a communal area, maybe it’s time to give that office space some serious attention. We talked to some of Singapore’s most reputable furniture stores about how to make the most of your office space, and drool over some of their coveted office pieces, to boot.


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Expert: Marie-Hélène van Houten, The Past Perfect Collection

Office style Hacks:

  1. To best tiptoe the line between desk efficiency and desk enjoyment we suggest adding a touch of the past to your modern-day space. You may be surprised to discover the mood-boosting powers an antique desk can provide. A fabulous antique desk can blend in beautifully with a modern chic office!
  2. Don’t sacrifice on style for practicability: choose both. A campaign chest of drawers with a writing (secretaire) part is a piece of robust portable military furniture designed to be disassembled or collapsed for ease of transport. It was used by British officers when they set out for a campaign in India. This style of desk was very popular during the 19th century.

Office Angels:
A popular type of antique colonial desk is the roll-top desk. It has one or two pedestals with drawers and is equipped with small stacked shelves and drawers in front of the user’s main work surface. The S-shape rolling-top part comes down to hide and lock up the working papers. Some designs have the capacity to slide the desk surface out a few inches to expand the available work area.

Another kind of colonial desk is the Davenport desk. This graceful and charming style of desk is named after a captain Davenport, who was the first to commission this particular design, from Gillows of London, near the end of the 18th Century.

The Past Perfect Collection
896 Dunearn Road, Sime Darby Centre, Floor 2
6737 3078 | pastperfect.sg

best furniture shops in singapore

Expert: Anita Sam, Managing Director at Journey East

Office style hacks:

  1. Liven up the home office with bold colours. The best part about working from a home office is that you get to decide on the look and feel of it. The workspace at home doesn’t need to be boring, stoic or stodgy. On the contrary, you can make this the most lively place in the home. Consider bright, fun furniture pieces to fire up those creative juices. This can also apply to the palette of the walls, wall art and soft furnishings.
  2. Maximise the space with dual-use furniture. With shrinking apartment sizes these days, space has become a luxury, and you’ll want to ensure the home office still feels roomy and uncluttered. Dual function furniture is a perfect choice when working with such constraints – consider the PLAYplay Bazaar Desk (that combines a shelf and a desk) or the Drugeot Labo Console Table (that also works as a slim desk for small spaces).

Office Angel: 
The Bazaar Desk (pictured) designed by Lanzavecchia + Wai for Journey East. The Bazaar Desk is a clash of work and your possessions. On one side, a desk, and the other, a shelf that also works as a privacy partition. Its versatile design also enables it to be used as a room divider in open-concept interiors, and yet its small scale is perfect for cosy living spaces. ($1,850.00)

Journey East
315 Outram Road, #03-02 Tan Boon Liat building
6473 1693 | journeyeast.com
Open daily 10am to 6pm

best furniture shops in Singapore

Expert: Cheryl Koh, Interior Decorator at BoConcept

Office style hacks:

  1. Stay motivated and focused throughout the day by eliminating clutter off your work space. By having multiple storage options, you can hide files, stationery and digital gadgets away to achieve a clean work desk. The Copenhagen office system does just that.
  2. A comfortable and pleasing space is important for your work satisfaction. Having stylish home and desk accessories helps you stay motivated throughout the day. Choose BoConcept office accessories to create your own unique space, free of distractions, that is just for your work, ideas and creativity.

Office Angel:
The Copenhagen office system (pictured), which is available in a range of colours ($4,995.00). This is the ideal office system for those things we need around, but might not want to show off: thick binder files, the indispensable chargers and that old painting you got from your mother-in-law but don’t really like. And then we have the things we love to show off: the much treasured family photo, stylish design books, the first issues of the magazines you have collected. The Copenhagen office lets you show-off what you want and hide what you need.

04-01/02/03 Paragon, 290 Orchard Road
6736 0777 | BoConcept.com

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Expert: Ms Jestine Chin at Pure Interior Pte Ltd

Office style hacks:
At Pure Interior, we cater to a niche group of clients who are searching for high end luxury design and furnishings. We work closely on director’s offices and owner’s home offices. Our approach towards creating an effective and ‘cool’ office space definitely begins with furniture selection which in this case would be the desk.

  1. Choosing a desk with innovative design. Having compartments to store stationery and wires. This will aid in keeping it an effective office space to work in. The Oval Office Desk is a great example. With the lift-up table lamp and the stationery trap attached below and the desk top cable management. Also, at the bottom right side of the table, the concealed drawer which cannot be seen in the picture, can be retracted in and out when needed, allowing more leg room area.
  2. Choosing a desk with versatile top, which will increase area of working space. For example, when more space is needed, the table lamp on the Oval Office Desk can be retracted back down to allow more working space.

Office Angel:
The Oval Office Desk from Chi Wing Lo. Oval Office Desk with one concealed drawer chest on the right side and lift-up table lamp and stationery tray, Sucupira or natural oak structure, leather desk top and side, desk top cable management, metal points. (Price upon request.)

Pure Interior Pte Ltd
2 Alexandra Road #01-01 Delta House
6534 9043 | pureinterior.com.sg


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