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Why you should get rid of mould, fast!

Living in Singapore has many perks, including summery days all year round. Unfortunately, along with the sunshine comes high humidity, which creates the perfect breeding ground for mould. A common sight in many homes and offices, mould is actually more unhealthy for you and your co-workers or loved ones than you might have imagined.

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Mould can affect your family more than you think

Did you know?

Recent studies confirm there are serious health risks associated with mould. Exposure to mould ­– its spores, metabolites, and components – may trigger an inflammatory reaction, an allergy or a skin infection. According to a research done by the University of Otago, Wellington (UOW), young children living in leaky and mouldy homes may have a higher chance of developing asthma. Toxic mould exposure has also been associated with long-term effects like memory loss, anxiety and depression.

Expert input

According to Dr Suresh Rang, a senior consultant chest physician at Jaslok Hospital in Mumbai, India, those suffering from fungal infections may experience health issues like upper respiratory problems, allergies, sneezing and long-term lung problems. “When the spores enter your system, it sets off a war in your respiratory tract,” Dr Rang explains.

Dr Kumar Doshi, a chest physician and interventional pulmonologist affiliated to KJ Somaiya Hospital in Mumbai, adds that while moulds can trigger asthma attacks in those who are allergic to various types of fungus, they can also affect those without any previous history of allergies. Moulds can also cause hypersensitivity pneumonitis (a form of allergic pneumonia), which only responds to a high dose of steroid medication.

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Get rid of mould fast

The solution

Specialising in mould testing, remediation, cleaning and indoor air quality, Mouldgone is an Australian-operated mould-removal company. The team is made up of approved Hazmat (hazardous materials and items) experts to help you get rid of all your mould-related problems from your home or office. First, a Mouldgone technician will visit your property to assess the situation. After completing an inspection, they’ll provide a detailed mould survey report that outlines the issues, the causes, and most importantly, the ways to address the problem. The report will also detail a remediation strategy, options and the associated costs.

Mouldgone employs the latest remediation techniques that are proven to combat, kill and remove mould, as well as mould spores (tiny structures produced by moulds for reproduction purposes). Importing only non-toxic, FDA- and CDC-approved chemicals, Mouldgone ensures that any remediation will add no further risk to the health of your family or colleagues.

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