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Expert tips on living rooms, the best sofas and more

The living room is, unsurprisingly, where we spend a lot of our time at home, so finding the perfect furniture is key! It’s where we relax, sit, read, eat (go on, admit it), watch television, work on our laptops, catch up on our television, and maybe squeeze in a little nap. It’s is the first place visitors see. Making a good impression, and finding the right furniture, be it a comfy sofa or armchair, or a striking yet practical coffee table, is an important task.

WTP Living room furniture
A living room space you’d never want to leave (like this lovely doggy)

So how do you make sure you’ve got the right pieces for your pad? WTP The Furniture Company‘s owner Mimi Somjee, who’s been in the furniture and interior design business for more than 25 years, says that people need to really consider how they live. “When a customer comes to us, they need to tell us what they do on a daily basis, and we can work out how they move in the space.” Think about whether you have kids or pets, or what kind of colours and materials you favour. A big, leather sofa might sound like a great idea, but if you steer away from using air con in the living room, you or your visitors could end up an uncomfortable, sweaty mess.

Sofas and artwork
Blend artwork with furniture to create a seamlessly stylish feel


The focal point of a living room is predominantly the sofa, and Mimi lays great importance on trying before buying. This will give you a good idea as to the type of sofa you actually want, and whether you need a customised piece. “We can make a piece to your requirements, whether you want something hard or soft, foam, feather or something modular to work into tricky spaces. We are also very clear with our customers about exactly where their pieces are made, and can cater for all budgets.”

The longevity of a sofa is also important, and you shouldn’t need to change your sofa for a minimum of five years, if it’s made well. “Then you can consider recovering it rather than replacing it, to add to its life.”

Modular sofas can work well if space is tight, or if you know you’ll be moving on from one home to another quite frequently. Conversely, they can also work well in larger spaces, as you can add on pieces as and when you need.

modular sofas
Modular and L-shaped sofas are a great way to deal with tricky spaces

Coffee Tables

Coffee tables have gone through a recent evolution, says Mimi. Once just a single piece in the room, now it can be a nest of tables. For those space-strapped living rooms, a coffee table with storage is also a great idea. Then there are pieces that look like a work of art in their own right, such as tree root tables, rather than just a vehicle to plonk some books alongside your coffee mug.

Coffee table
Coffee tables have become standout pieces in their own right

With people becoming increasingly comfortable with their own style, the choice is really up to the customer, whether they’re looking for something ultra modern, vintage or retro. Get in touch with WTP Furniture Company to see how they can help you find the right furniture for your living room.

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