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Legal advice in Singapore: Three readers share their recommendations of trusted law firms

Needing legal advice? Here are three people who recently sought legal advice and assistance from law firms in Singapore. They share their experiences to help you work out what you need.


Sheryl Bathman, Australian

You’re the director of Lifesteps Counselling; what does the job entail and how does it link with Consilium Law Corporation?

Lifesteps offers counselling and psychotherapy services to individuals and couples from the expat and local communities. Some clients require specific legal advice on family or corporate law matters from legal professionals who are skilled in dealing with local and cross-border issues.


What kinds of cases do you refer to the law firm?

From time to time, the outcome of couples counselling is that, after adequate review, reflection and communication, a couple decides to separate or divorce. This can be the result of multiple contributing factors such as chronic negative communication patterns, growing apart, infidelity or job relocation.

The team at Consilium Law offers legal mediation and conciliation services that can help couples avoid traditionally costly and lengthy legal battles and minimise the associated emotional pain. They’re well-versed in both local Singapore law and international law – expertise that is required by cross-cultural couples who may have been based in Singapore for a number of years yet have different countries of origin.

Any stories you can share?

I’m aware of several couples who have been helped through their separation and divorce by the Consilium team. They were helped to reach mutually acceptable formal agreements on the division of assets, living arrangements and custody. They were able to create agreements that suited their unique and specific needs and situations – often not possible in lengthy acrimonious court processes where, at the end of the day, a judge decides the outcome.

Do you have any tips for readers who might require similar legal advice?

It can be helpful and empowering to seek factual information on your rights and responsibilities, and on the processes and possible outcomes, from an experienced legal professional who is up-to-date and well informed on all aspects of the law. Before your meeting, prepare information on your background and situation so that you maximise your time. List history, dates and facts to keep the meeting focused, and take notes. It’s also important to seek the help of friends and family or a professional counsellor to help you through this emotionally challenging time.

Consilium Law Corporation

#16-02 Shaw Centre, 1 Scotts Road

6235 2700 | consiliumlaw.com.sg



Yvonne Goh Mei Ling, Singaporean

How did you come to know of Dodwell & Co?

I was introduced to them by a friend in Singapore’s legal fraternity. I needed Dodwell’s expertise to help defend me against a frivolous and vexatious writ. I had no one else to turn to.


Describe your experience with Dodwell.

It was positive, supportive and informative throughout the whole process. Dodwell’s excellent legal team won the case for me. During the trial I was advised very well and I was given different options that were honest and upright, and I had to substantiate my counterclaims with evidence and proof. They became, in effect, my sister’s and my guardians against injustice. There were complications in the process because the plaintiffs suing me were ostensibly my parents; but actually, the true litigants, it was discovered during trial, were my older brother and his wife. Alfred Dodwell and his colleague Terence Tan were clever and astute in their questioning of the witnesses so that the truth was elicited. I spent many hours with the legal team at Dodwell’s offices and received much coaching and support from them, because I’d never been sued before.

So you would recommend them?

Yes, I highly recommend them. Aside from all the above-mentioned reasons, they’re also a small firm with a big heart, so their service is prompt and personal.

Dodwell & Co LLC

883 North Bridge Road, #07-01 Southbank

6509 5915 | dodwell-law.com



Anthony Desaram, Sri Lankan

What sort of legal advice were you looking for?

I’m the director of operations at Taylor B Fine Design Group. We were looking for a legal expert to prepare our corporate documents and leases.


How has Gloria James-Civetta & Co helped your business?

Gloria and the firm handled everything in a professional and timely manner; they’re extremely knowledgeable on local employment procedure and have been instrumental in securing employment passes for our staff.

We’re extremely fortunate to have found someone of Gloria’s calibre. I would recommend her without reservation. Her knowledge in corporation setup is unmatched; she is currently working with us on a major expansion into Jakarta, Indonesia, which is slated for the first quarter of 2014, and on the opening of our first Taylor B Lighting Centre, located on West Coast Highway, across from Haw Par Villa MRT station.

Any tips for readers who might require similar legal advice?

Do your homework when seeking the advice of a solicitor – larger is not always better.

Gloria consistently goes above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that no detail is overlooked and everything is handled professionally and successfully.

Gloria James-Civetta & Co

5 Coleman Street

#03-06 Excelsior Hotel Shopping Centre

6337 0469 | gjclaw.com.sg