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Jewellery labels in Singapore: Reader favourites!

Why do we wear jewellery? Whether you’re partial to a classic strand of pearls, have a penchant for gemstones or stand by that infamous saying, “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend,” the bling we accessorise ourselves with is definitely an extension of our personality.

So, we asked our readers how they express themselves through their favourite jewellery brands!


woman expat jewellery singapore

Pamela Loh

I first started experimenting with costume jewellery, but over time I discovered gemstones and the educational process of finding out the properties of different stones with each new piece I acquired really piqued my interest. I like feminine designs that are subtle and appear delicate, but are well put together and not fragile to handle. I also absolutely love the bohemian gypsy mood of long tassel pieces with sari or beaded gemstone finishing.

When I started my personal foray into collecting gemstone jewellery, I chanced upon Lustre on Facebook and was pleasantly surprised by how affordable the pieces were and how much I connected with their designs. I bought one or two pieces to try, and was impressed by the quality – I’ve been hooked since! It definitely helps that Anaita, the founder of Lustre, is so helpful, and genuinely takes pride in her products and gives very personalised customer service. It makes shopping with her a delight.

Generally, I prefer to buy from independent jewellery brands because I find quality control is better. Designs by Lustre are so versatile, too. The pieces look glamorous, yet can be worn comfortably in a casual or semi-casual setting. Anaita understands the needs of women well – that not everyday is a ball, but we still need mood lifters to elevate our ordinary days. Playing with colours and styles, with timeless, subtle and well-made pieces of jewellery helps put the icing on the cake when dressing even for a simple outing or function.

My favourite pieces are Lustre’s bohemian tassel designs. I also love the multi-coloured rings; they’re so fun to play mix and match with. The bracelets are beautiful, too; they make a statement, yet are easy to wear on a day-to-day basis.



woman expat jewellery singapore

Georgiana Verdonk

I’m a mum, entrepreneur and vice-president of BeFoundOnline, a digital marketing agency. Work life aside, I love to read, travel, watch my sons play soccer (one of them jokes that I’m his “Mum Uber” – you get the drift!), enjoy a glass or two of vino with my girlfriends, and challenge myself to experience new things. I’m attracted to jewellery designs that are understated, but still make me feel confident and special.

The pieces I wear have to say something about me and who I am – I like to think I’m open, friendly and love to have a laugh and a good time. My jewellery box says “I’m fun and don’t take myself too seriously!”

One of the reasons I keep coming back to pieces by Stones That Rock, one of my favourite Singapore-based jewellery brands, is because they are so versatile. I can always find a piece that complements my personal style, rather than overpowers or inhibits an outfit. I own pieces that I can use as a necklace today, or a bracelet wrapped around the wrist tomorrow. Once while travelling, I found myself without a belt in the evening, and I ended up using one of the brand’s lariat necklaces instead – I received plenty of compliments that evening! I’ve even approached Leah, the Stones That Rock co-founder, on a few occasions to ask for her opinion on several pieces. Each time she has given me useful ideas on how to style them, taking into account whether the piece is for work or play, or what mood I’d like to project.



woman expat jewellery singapore

Marie Raymond

I’m French-Canadian, and have lived in Singapore for four years. Before settling into caring for the home ten years ago, I worked as a lawyer. I have three children, with two boys aged five and six, plus an eighteen month old baby girl.

When it comes to jewellery brands, I opt for timeless and delicate pieces. I lead a very active lifestyle, and any trinkets I wear need to be able to fit into my daily activities. For evening, though, I prefer bold, sparkling or gold pieces. (I became a bigger fan of gold after living in Bombay for a few years.)

That’s why I’m fond of the collections by Taula – there’s something to suit all tastes. There’s pieces that can lift and add character to a basic summer dress, or designs to bring out your sassy side when layered on top of a LBD. For example, I like to wear two to three necklaces together, and the same goes for stacking bracelets. I’m a bit more conventional when it comes to earrings, so gold hoops, small diamonds or pearls are in regular rotation.

For evening, I’ll either wear a bigger, statement necklace, or otherwise I’ll go all out on the earrings – I don’t want to be outshone by my accessories! The Taula earrings I’m wearing today I can also wear with a cocktail dress and a beautiful up-do hairstyle.

Shirley Koffijberg

I was an Actuarial Consultant in the Netherlands, and since this is our first posting abroad I’m trying to make the most of expat life, and have been enjoying living in the tropics! I love travelling, photography and playing tennis.

When it comes to jewellery, for me, it’s all about the classics – diamonds and gold are my best friends. I like simple, contemporary styles; nothing too big, nor too bling. Most of my pieces have been presents from my family and husband, so they also have sentimental value. Since we’re living in a humid climate where sunshine is the norm, my wardrobe now largely consists of lightweight dresses, and I’ve changed my jewellery style accordingly by adding more colour and different gemstones.

I return to Taula because I love the jewellery brands stylish and quality designs which match seamlessly with my existing pieces. What’s more, the pieces can really take you from day to night – exactly what you need for fast-paced Singapore life. I style my necklaces long, short or layered with a casual or dinner dress – the gemstones brighten up any outfit, which works out well as I tend to wear dark colours! I also love to accessorise outfits with stacked rings, including an old ring from my grandmother with a coloured stone.



woman expat jewellery singapore

Marilisa Busatta

I used to be a private banker, but I retrained to do window merchandising. I’ve worked freelance for Hediard Singapore for eight years, and am now working part time for Originals, focusing on photoshoot styling and showroom merchandising. I love my job! I enjoy travelling too, and have a particular crush on the Greek Islands, where we lived for three years in between our two stays in Singapore.

Whether it’s in jewellery, fashion or home décor, I’m always attracted to colours. I think this is an effect from my childhood – I was raised in Africa, surrounded by women wearing vivid coloured fabrics and jewellery. I’m also fascinated by Iris Apfel’s colour and exuberant attitude when it comes to accessories. I tend to wear earrings more than anything, as they add a feminine touch to my otherwise boyish look and pixie haircut! My favourite summer evening outfit would be a comfortable yet chic kaftan dress, accessorised with a large cuff bracelet and statement earrings. I’m wearing my “everyday uniform” today: jeans, a crisp white linen shirt, espadrilles and a touch of colour from my jewellery.

I always find lovely jewellery at Edit Lifestyle, and they have quite a wide selection (both in style and price), ranging from subtle, fine gold chain jewellery with a simple shell pendant (Pascale Monvoisin) to a more conversation-starting piece, like this cuff bracelet by Aurelie Bidermann that I’m wearing now.

I’m careful with how many pieces I’m wearing at once; I tend to feel like a Christmas tree if too much is going on at once! I don’t like being too matchy-matchy with my jewellery and outfits. I love using contrasting colours, like a grey kaftan with a fuchsia pink pompom necklace, or a blue silk dress with red pendant earrings.

I was recently at a corporate gala dinner with my husband’s clients, where the lady sitting next to me (with rivers of diamonds around her neck and waterfalls of sapphires on her ears!) asked me if my earrings were Prada or Miu Miu – they were from Edit Lifestyle! It just goes to show that boutique jewellery brands can still steal the show; it doesn’t all have to be about big luxury brand names.


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