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How to host an easy Christmas party

Sometimes all we need is a little help with planning the perfect Christmas party, and that’s when fuss-free, online shopping comes in. We’ve gathered five easy steps to do it like a pro and throw the dinner party that’ll be the talk of town (for all the right reasons!). For a festive feast filled with all sorts of meats, we recommend premium grocer Huber’s Butchery. And trust us, you won’t be disappointed with the range and quality they carry!

christmas roast
Planning a Christmas party? You won’t go wrong with the range (and quality) this butchery carries!

Go online

If you’re pressed for time (or just plain lazy like us), why not skip the hassle of going to the store, and order online instead? It’s the first time Huber’s Butchery is taking Christmas orders online (hurray!) so you won’t have to make a trip down for your festive must-haves. Can’t decide on what to get? They’ve got a fancy Christmas catalogue to help you with that!

Order early

Christmas planning can be fun if you do it ahead of time instead of relying on last-minute shopping (been there, done that). Huber’s Butchery is open for Christmas orders up until 16 December, so you should start carting your items soon. To save yourself some extra time, opt for home delivery (available until 20 December). The store is also open on Christmas Eve if you have a last minute emergency, but we can’t guarantee the meats you want will still be available for sale!


Get your turkey pre-marinated and pre-stuffed to save time

Skip turkey preparations

Did you know that you can get your turkey defrosted, marinated and stuffed at this butchery? Well, now you do! Skip the preparation steps and save some precious time with this convenient service – you just have to get the bird in the oven and you’ll be Christmas-ready in a jiffy!

Know what your guests like

While Christmas parties are rarely complete without an array of meats, it’s best to focus on a few crowd favourites whenever you’re in doubt. Thankfully, there’s an uber wide selection available to choose from. For festive must-haves, we recommend the stuffed raw turkey (from $71 per piece), cooked honey baked ham ($32 per kg) and Christmas sauces. Want something different this year? Check out their range of alternative meats suitable for the festive season here!

Prime rib roast for Christmas? Yes please!

Plan how much to meat to get

One common worry with ordering meat online is not knowing the exact quantity you’re getting, which often leads to over or under-ordering. At Huber’s Butchery you get to choose your desired weight at the click of your mouse. Simply key in your unit size and number, add to cart, and you’re good to go!

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