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Hair removal in Singapore: Our guide to different treatments and which salons to visit

You'll be as happy as her afterwards
You’ll be as happy as her afterwards

To wax or not to wax? That’s the question. To try threading or not to try threading? That’s the, er, other question. And while you might not know the answer (yet), you’re probably sure of one thing – you have hair somewhere other than your head that you want to get rid off. And there are plenty of options when it comes to hair removal in Singapore – from old school Stone Age methods (aka shaving) to high tech robot machines (aka laser), there are plenty of ways to remove unwanted fluff. And the answer largely depends on budget and whether you want temporary or permanent hair removal…

Temporary removal of the hair


What is it? Warm wax or strip wax is applied to the area and removed in the opposite direction of the hair growth, pulling hairs out at the root. It can be rather painful, but it’s bearable and the results last for around six weeks. If you continue to wax every couple of months, you should notice the hair getting finer too.  

Best for: Face, arms, legs and bikini area

Where to go:


402 Orchard Road

#02-12/15 Delfi Orchard

6733 0933 | visage.sg

Cost: A Brazilian wax starts at $58

Loewen Spa (Trimmings)

75E, Loewen Road, Tanglin Village

6471 1922 | loewenspa.com.sg

Cost: From $12 for lip and chin to $65 for Brazilian with Lycon Hot Wax

Strip: Ministry of Waxing

Various locations


Cost: From $7 for navel/nipples to $65 for full leg


What is it? Threading has become a popular choice, but needs to be repeated every four to six weeks. A thin, cotton thread specially designed for threading is doubled, then twisted. It is then rolled over areas of unwanted hair, plucking the hair at the follicle level. It can sting a little, but the results are fantastic and very precise.

Best for: Mainly used for facial hair — the eyebrows, upper lip, and chin.

Where to go:

Sylvia’s Secrets

559 Bukit Timah Road #03-01A King’s Arcade

Tel: 64690833

Or  Sylvia’s Secrets @Horsecity

100 Turf Club Road, Horsecity

6465 5338 | sylviassecrets.sg

Cost: Upper lip is $8 and eyebrows is $15


Semi-permanent to permanent hair removal

Laser Hair Removal

What is it? As the laser hand piece is applied to the surface of the skin, laser energy is delivered to the hair follicle, deep down to the root tip of the hair. The laser energy heats and damages the follicle, stopping its ability to produce hair – all without harm to the skin that surrounds each follicle. It is completely painless.

Best for: People with hair darker than their skin

Different types of laser treatments

These days, there are many types of laser technology offered by aesthetics clinics and salons. Here’s a quick guide to different laser options…

Medical grade laser systems

The Elite long pulse Nd:Yag laser, the Sciton BBL and the Cynosure Alexandrite laser can be treated quickly, safely and effectively – with long lasting results – on all skin types and tones.

Where to go:

The Wellness Clinic

#03-07/08, Camden Medical Centre
6887 3073 | wellnessclinic.sg

Cost per session: from $80 for nipples to $1,200 for full back

SHR – Super Hair Removal

SHR uses Advanced Fluorescent Technology or AFT, which employs special filters to convert certain unused wavelengths of light into the useful wavelengths. AFT uses lower energy levels to achieve the same effect as IPL and laser, but with minimal discomfort. Usually, four sessions are needed for near-permanent hair removal.

Best for: Anyone who has unwanted hair on any area of the face or body, including those with darker skin tones.

Where to go:

David Loh Surgery

541 Orchard Road

#11-01 Liat Towers

6733 9114 | davidloh.sg

Cost per session: A jawline and chin treatment session would cost $180; full back treatment session would cost $1,200.

The Aesthetics Centre

1 Kim Seng Promenade

#03-10 Great World City

6820 3308 | dranitasoosay.com

Cost per session: Upper lip $120; underarms $400; half leg $700.

Light-based treatment – IPL (Intense Pulsed Light)

This treatment will stings momentarily as the burst of light absorbed by the pigment in the hair follicle, which converts the light to heat. This heat destroys the follicle and stops its regrowth. You’ll need a number of sessions to achieve permanent reduction.

Best for: It’s useful for large areas such as the back or legs and more effective on thicker and darker hair.

Where to go:



#03-33 Plaza Singapura

6336 1106 | skinlabmedspa.com

Cost per session: Ellipse I2PL Permanent Hair Removal starts from $138, depending on the area

Glo Aesthetics

Novena Medical Centre

10 Sinaran Drive #09-30

6397 7012 | gloaesthetics.sg

Cost per session: from $200 for a single session on the bikini line to $2,304 for a package of six sessions for smooth half-legs.


Electrolysis is a safe permanent hair removal method that works on hair of any colour, including blonde, red or grey. A hair-like thin metal probe is inserted into the hair follicle, with the hair being removed by the use of electric currents.

Best for: Small areas such as the face (eyebrows and upper lip) and underarms.

Where to go:


LHE (Light & Heat Energy) Hair Removal

Light Heat Energy (LHE) hair removal machine uses heat for better results than can be achieved by most other light-based hair-removal technologies. It works by pulsating broad-spectrum light at the treatment area. Melanin in the hair absorbs the LHE, which raises the temperature of the hair follicle. Heat energy further increases the hair shaft temperature to destroy the hair follicle.

Best for: It is effective on blonde, brown, red and grey hair.

Where to go:

Spa @ Loewen Gardens

75E Loewen Road, Tanglin Village

6471 1922 | loewenspa.com.sg

Cost per session: From $120 per session for upper lip to $480 for full back; packages available.

Go old school without breaking the bank


What is it? Shaving removes hair at the skin’s surface by cutting it off with a razor. Although, nicks, cuts and razor bumps are sometimes associated with shaving, a decent razor and shaving cream often leads to a nice, crisp hairless finish (for up to three days) with no cuts.

Best for: Legs, underarms and those with fine, lighter hair

Products: Braun Silk-épil lady shaver offers you an extra close shave for your total body. Its double-care technology with the unique exfoliation attachment revitalises the skin as you shave for a smooth appearance. You can shave your legs and even sensitive areas like the underarms and bikini line quickly and conveniently.

Gillette Venus has a good range of products for all areas. From refillable razors to built-on shave gel razors and to bikini trimmers, these razors are still the quickest option to remove unwanted hair on your legs and underarms. Also, their latest Venus & Olay razor is a good option that allows you to skip using shaving cream altogether with its Olay Moisture Bars.


What is it? Epilators are electronic devises, with a tweezer-like surface that rotates across the skin and pulls out hairs from the roots. It can be really quite painful – and is recommended mostly for the legs – but many women use them for their armpits and bikini lines too. The results are long lasting, plus it’s a quick and easy process that costs nothing once you have bought the epilator.

Best for: Depending on your pain threshold, you can use it anywhere.

Products: Braun and Phillips have created state of the art solutions that are effective and as painless as possible.
Depilatory Cream

Hair removal creams contains chemicals, which dissolve hair at the roots so you can effectively wipe it away.

Best for: Legs, face, arms and underarms

Products: Brands like Veet and Nair offer a good range of hair removal products, which are readily available at health stores and pharmacies.


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