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Going organic with Huber’s

What are the health advantages of eating organic meat?

It’s produced in a totally natural environment. So, no chemicals, pesticides, non-organic fertilisers or additives are used on the farms, and no growth hormones or antibiotics are fed to the animals. Organic meat is also healthier because it generally contains less fat.

What’s another good reason to eat organic?

The organic beef we carry has an intense beef flavour – a taste of the Australian Outback. Basically, organic meat has a pure and natural flavour, the way Mother Nature intended.

Organic meat tends to cost more. Why?

More human attention is required to ensure the animals are healthy; yields are smaller (no growth hormones); and transport costs are higher because the animals are raised as far away from polluting cities as possible. Organic certification can be costly, too.

Best way to prepare organic meat at home?

Season it lightly – don’t use anything that might overpower the taste of the meat.

Where do you source your organic meat?

OBE Beef is Australia’s leading organic beef exporter. Its beef cattle are bred and fattened in a remote inland area of Australia known as the Channel Country. OBE products are sold in Singapore exclusively through Huber’s. We’re having an OBE promotion from 15 September to 15 October at our stores.

Did You Know?

The width between the dark blue stripes on a butcher’s apron traditionally indicated the wearer’s level of expertise – wider stripes meant a more experienced butcher.

Huber’s has moved out of its Tanglin branch at Friven and Co. A new store at Dempsey is opening soon.