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Galanga Living introduces online furniture shopping in Singapore


Maria Kleist from Galanga Living talks us through why they’ve launched an online shop, and what customers can expect from it.

Why have you launched the online shop?

To better satisfy our customers’ needs and demands. We’ve noticed them coming into our showroom on Henderson Road and taking pictures of our displays, before going home to measure up and deciding what to buy. With the online shop, customers have time to measure and decide what items to buy in the comfort of their own home. They can browse and get inspiration for their shopping there and then.

The online shop is also a nice way to display our range of furniture and accessories. We aim to inspire customers with images that show how they can be put together. Though people will still want to come down to our showroom to touch and see our products, we believe that people will tend to buy smaller accessories online without having seen them in the showroom. For people living further away or working long hours, this will save precious time.

Galanga Living is full of fun, visual treats 

What experience can customers expect from visiting the online shop?

It is very user-friendly and easy for shoppers to gain an overview of our product ranges, which are split by different product categories. It has been designed in typical Galanga Living style, following modern Scandinavian design. There are clear product descriptions including dimensions and whether any special treatment is necessary.

Are there any particular features you’d like to point out?

The site has a blog and showcases photos, colour trends and inspiration for both the season ahead and different areas in the home. You can take advantage of a gift-wrapping service that can be selected at checkout by indicating that the purchase is a present. We are currently shipping only within Singapore, but purchases can be shipped to a different location from the billing address, and you can expect delivery in two to three working days.

You can but this on the internet, how high tech 

Can everything in-store be found online?

The aim is to launch our full range of furniture and most of our accessories online; the latter will be completely online by the end of November. Our popular Christmas items will be available online as soon as we receive them in our physical shop, so customers can look forward to some easy Christmas decoration shopping.