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Five beauty treatments to look refreshed

Got leftover acne scars from your teen years, sunspots, sagging eyes or a roll of fat that won’t shift, no matter how many k’s you run on the treadmill? A little help in the aesthetics department can help solve even the most stubborn beauty problems. But with so many treatments out there, which should you choose? Read on for our top five beauty treatments for a total skin and body rejuvenation, that’ll get you radiant and ready for the year ahead.

For pigmentation: Chemical Peels

A simple, non-invasive treatment to rid of those pesky dull spots? Yes please! Chemical peels are an effective way to target these signs of aging and restore smooth, glowing skin. Known for their safe and FDA-cleared treatments, Cutis Medical Laser Clinics offers a range of chemical peels to suit different skin types. We recommend the Cutis Vitality Peel, which helps to improve the tone, texture and overall clarity of the skin. Formulated with the chemical compounds, hydroquinone and retinoic, to lighten spots and freckles, this multi-tasking peel treatment also softens lines, while stimulating collagen production for a firmer and more youthful-looking skin. If you’ve acne-prone skin, try the Cutis Acne Peel, which contains Salicylic acid that unclogs pores and kills acne-causing bacteria.

Try it at:

Cutis Medical Laser Clinics
9 Scotts Road, Pacific Plaza,
Scotts Medical Center #08-07

6801 4000 | cutislaserclinics.com 

microdermabrasion beauty treatments
Microdermabrasion for acne scars

For acne scars: Microdermabrasion

A quick and painless way to smooth away acne scarring is microdermabrasion, which involves a gentle method of deep exfoliation and mild suction. At Mendis Aesthetics & Surgery, the technique uses a diamond tip that lifts off dead skin cells and superficial pigmentation, giving you a fresh, renewed glow. It allows for the exfoliation of dead skin, scarred tissue, debris, whiteheads and blackheads. While this isn’t recommended for those with severe eczema or skin allergy, downtime is minimal or absent for most skin types. The best part? This treatment takes only 30 to 45 minutes – perfect as a lunchtime session. The results also last for around two to three weeks; a great pick-me-up before a special event!

Try it at:

Mendis Aesthetics & Surgery
333A Orchard Road, #04-27
Mandarin Gallery
6235 1728 | drmendis.com

For sagging skin: BTL Exilis Elite

A non-surgical solution for loose skin on both the face and body, BTL Exilis Elite is a medical grade device that specifically targets fat pockets and tightens these areas. A cheaper and safer alternative to surgery, this treatment is great for anyone with sagging skin, or those who wish to spot-correct problem areas. The device employs the layering technique, which means that thermal energy is delivered from the deep tissues all the way up to the top, superficial layer. Along with tightened skin, you can also look forward to less cellulite as fat deposits are reduced as a result, too. While it’s recommended to undergo two to four sessions to treat skin laxity, some have reported visible improvements after just one session.

Try it at:

BTL Aesthetics, various locations
6443 9093btlaesthetics.com

thermage beauty treatments
Thermage for the eyes

For droopy eyes: Thermage

Give your sagging peepers a boost with this eye rejuvenation treatment. Most suited for those with skin laxity in the upper and lower eyelids, Thermage can be used on both areas to lift and tighten the skin. Available at the Aesthetic & Reconstructive Centre, the non-invasive procedure uses radio-frequency (RF) technology to stimulate existing collagen and activate new collagen growth. It also helps to improve skin texture, tone and smoothness of the eye area, while softening fine lines and crow’s feet. While there may be minimal redness and puffiness in the treated area for up to two days, a session takes only 45 to 60 minutes – major plus! As such, Dr Andrew Khoo from the clinic suggests combining it with Thermage to the mid-face and forehead to tighten these areas, to further lift the eyes for a more awake look.

Try it at:

Aesthetic & Reconstructive Centre,
3, Mount Elizabeth, #13-08,
Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre (Orchard),
6733 3712andrewkhoo.com

For stubborn body fat: Radio-frequency treatment

Reaction by Viora is a medical grade, FDA-approved treatment that uses radio-frequency (RF) to treat problem spots. This quick treatment (45 minutes) – available at The Belle Clinic – is great for those looking for a safe and non-invasive way to get rid of stubborn love handles and back fat. A personalised approach is taken here, ensuring the best results for each person is achieved. Specific areas are targeted and the energy reaches the deeper layers of fats. With little to no recovery time needed, and visible results achieved after just a couple of sessions, there’s little wonder why the treatment is so popular internationally.

Try it at:

The Belle Clinic
1 Tras Link ( Tanjong Pagar ) #02-06
9176 7389  | thebelleclinic.com


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