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Espiroto Santo Gourmet & Butchery

Where do you make your sausages?

We make them fresh daily in our store at Parkway Parade.

What are some of your special sausages?

Honey, mint and rosemary lamb sausages; cheese and chive pork sausages; apple and sage pork sausages; sun-dried tomato pork sausages; Moroccan lamb sausages; English Cumberland sausages; Spanish chorizo; German bratwurst; and smoked cocktail sausages.

What is linguica?

It’s a Brazilian sausage made with lots of fresh garlic and pork meat. It’s one of the types of sausages that every churrascaria in Brazil features on the menu. Linguica is the perfect sausage for barbecuing. Espirito Santo owner Fabiane Mendes Braga originally created the business for Singapore’s Brazilian community, so there are many Brazilian “must haves” in the store, in addition to premium meats from Australia, New Zealand and the US. Now, expats of all nationalities love to shop here for great quality meat and service.

What do you think makes a truly great sausage?

The herbs and spices.

Tips for cooking sausages?

Fresh is always the best, but when you’re defrosting sausages, never leave them at room temperature – always defrost meat in your fridge. Never boil fresh sausages in water. When you’re cooking sausages on the barbecue, use a low heat so the meat can cook all the way through.

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