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Top tips on throwing a fun picnic party in Singapore

If you’re bored of dining out, why not throw a picnic to celebrate instead? Here are our top tips to get you started.

marina barrage singapore
The Marina Barrage is great for kid-friendly activities like kite-flying

#1 Hunt down the best picnic spots in Singapore

“Hot and humid with a chance of rain” goes the daily weather report in the Little Red Dot, but don’t let that put you off! There are tons of fab picnic spots across the island for a fun afternoon in the great outdoors with friends and family. Beat the heat and visit the Green Roof at Marina Barrage – approximately the size of four football fields – at twilight for panoramic city views.

#2 Pack tons of goodies

Whether you’re having it indoors or outside, Waitrose’s first-ever premium range offers the perfect picnic snacks for the family. Our favourite picnic-friendly picks? The crumbly, butter lavender shortbread with its ultra-rich dark chocolate spread.

Classic Devilled Eggs
Classic Devilled Eggs

#3 Whip up a feast

Our site has plenty of easy recipes for you to show off your culinary prowess! Go for a refreshing summer chicken and chilli salad or a batch of devilled eggs – both of which are fail-safe favourites from our readers.

#4 Shop online and save time

Fresh charcuterie, gourmet snacks, organic wine? Yes, please! We’ve sussed out our favourite online grocers, so you don’t have to lug heavy bags of stuff around the place. Huber’s Butchery offers over 100 varieties of chilled and cured meats, cheeses and gourmet groceries, available both online and in-house. Don’t forget the vino, too; Bacco Wines stocks a great range of organic reds, whites, rosé, bubbles and dessert wines, imported from boutique wineries in Italy.  

outdoor picnic
Start planning!

Top 3 tips before you go:

  • Pack hats and sunscreen to avoid sunburn, and lots of water to prevent dehydration. Insect repellent and wet wipes are handy too.
  • For games, throw in a Frisbee, badminton set or cricket bat and ball, especially if there are more than six or so people coming along.
  • If the ground is damp, lay a shower curtain under your picnic rug to avoid a wet bottom.

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