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Date nights getting dull? Here are 5 unconventional ideas to spice up the night

By: Amanda Soo

Tired of the usual dinner and movie routine dates? It doesn’t always have to be a special occasion to plan and try out something different with the special someone. In fact, to keep the flame going, we highly encourage couples to try out exciting, new experiences together.


Tuesday nights at Hero's feature local and international comedy acts 

Comedy Masala

When: Tuesday nights, 8.30PM

Where: HERO’S, 69 Circular Road

Look no further than the ever-popular Comedy Masala to fulfil your weekly dosage of laughs and (happy) tears. Housed in Hero’s, a trendy pub that caters to sports fans and booze lovers alike, Comedy Masala provides a platform for both local and international comedians to showcase their best every Tuesday. What could be a better guarantee for a smashing date than live comedy and drinks to go? Be sure to keep updated about line-ups and reservation details through their Facebook page.


The waiting lounge in Nox before one is escorted to a pitch black dining area 

NOX – Dine in the dark

Where: 269 Beach Road

Tel: 6298 0708

Ever wondered what it feels like to be blind? What about how it feels like to be eating while blind? Dining at modern European restaurant, NOX, lets you into the world of the visually handicapped, allowing for other senses like taste to be heightened. Without the distraction of smartphones and visual cues, this once-in-a-lifetime experience with your partner is bound to be a memorable and intimate one filled with surprises.


The sprawling farm in Bollywood Veggies 

Bollywood Veggies

Where: 100 Neo Tiew Road

Tel: 6898 5001

Reconnect with nature at Bollywood Veggies, a rare gem of a farm-cum-bistro concept nestled in the serene Kranji Countryside. Couples may join in on either a full farm tour, cooking class or simply explore the area with a map in hand. Find your way back to the Poison Ivy Bistro for delish, home-cooked offerings made using freshly grown produce.  Also feel free to chat up owner Ivy Singh-Lim, who usually hangs around talking to customers, for a clearer insight into her life’s work and inspiration. 


One of the cats in Neko no Niwa basking in the sun 

Neko no Niwa

Where: 54A Boat Quay

Tel: 6536 5319

Cats are less popular than dogs as domestic pets, but maybe spending time at a cat cafe will change your mind. Located conveniently along the stretch of quaint shophouses at Boat Quay, Neko no Niwa is home to 13 cuddly cats. Fill up on great seafood options at restaurants lining the river for dinner before heading up to the second floor cafe for a relaxing time spent observing and petting cats. Who knows, you may just discover your love for cats there!


Segway tours offer a exciting experiences for everyone 

Sentosa on a Segway

Tour timings: 10.15am, 1:15pm, 5:00pm

Ever seen those two-wheeled vehicles around Sentosa that you wanted to try a hand at riding but were too self-conscious to do so? We think it’s a thrilling way to explore Sentosa and its iconic attractions  – especially with your date screaming in exhilaration beside you. Hop on for an indulgent 2.5-hour-long Segway tour where you also get to visit three gorgeous beaches the island has to offer.