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Antique and reproduction home furniture: 6 classics

Just as people like to buy an ornament or trinket to remind them of a fantastic holiday, many of us like to pick up a piece or two (or more) of furniture here that will represent our stay in Asia, and hold many happy memories. What’s more, there are plenty of pieces of furniture in traditional Chinese style that can be used in a variety of unique ways. Danielle Lee, who runs huge Chinese antique and reproduction furniture business Just Anthony, talks us through six different pieces to consider.

antique furniture
Funk up any space with one of these brightly coloured, slim sideboards.

Long slim sideboard

These sideboards come in a variety of colours, and are proving increasingly popular, says Danielle. “I think that, besides the fact they are ‘on trend’, home owners are becoming more adventurous and want to play with different tones so their whole space looks brighter, more cheerful, fun and refreshing!”

Slim and versatile, they can be used in most rooms in the home, and provide plenty of storage.

Cost: $1,000 for 27cm depth.

antique furniture
Display your television with pride on a replica sideboard

Television sideboards

Before the flat screen came along, wedding-cabinets-turned-television-cabinets used to be Just Anthony’s best sellers, with customers wanting to hide their bulky screens. With flat-screen televisions becoming standard, and getting increasingly good-looking, the trend has changed and people don’t mind putting their televisions on display, so this is when these low reproduction sideboards prove popular.

The design is simple, modern and practical, which makes it easy to blend with modern furniture. “We make them in a wide range of colours so there’s something for every theme.”

Cost: $800 to $1,200, depending on size and design.

antique furniture
Work from home with flair, with a reproduction study table and chair.

Study tables and chairs

With more and more people working from home, these reproduction pieces have become increasingly well-liked. Just Anthony replicates the simple classic design so the look is elegant and modern at the same time.

antique furniture
Wedding cabinets still prove to be a big draw for those looking for furniture with a strong Chinese antique aesthetic.

Antique wedding cabinet

“These are perennial favourites, and the most distinct piece of Chinese furniture – everyone knows them,” says Danielle. Although the new ones are popular, many customers continue to prefer the older pieces with their patina and unique look.

antique furniture
Each pair of these large doors from Shanxi are unique, and can be used as decorative pieces or practically, as doors for inside the house.

Large antique Shanxi doors

Every single pair is one of a kind, and Just Anthony carries a wide selection, some simple and others with increasingly decorative iron motifs. “They really are statement pieces, and can be used as wall decorations or functional doors. For the latter they can be installed as main interior doors, or as those leading to a dining room, for real impact.”

antique furniture
Make a statement in your living room by using an antique daybed as a coffee table.

Large daybeds as coffee tables

With each piece different in terms of carvings and patina, these antique pieces can create dramatic impact in a living room. Functional because of their size, there’s ample room for displaying pieces, including coffee-table books and ornaments. “These daybeds can fill a large living room nicely, and work really well against modern sofas.”

To find out what else Just Anthony has in its huge showroom, head to:

379 Upper Paya Lebar Road
6283 4782 | justanthony.com

[Credit to Arete Culture for selected images used]


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