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Air France takes Business Class travel to new heights

Air France is continuing its move upmarket after unveiling its new, specially remodeled, cocoon-like Business Class seat.

In total, 2,102 seats will be installed between June 2014 and summer 2016 on 44 Boeing 777s, the core of Air France’s long-haul fleet. 
Every detail has been specially modeled to give the seat its unique, gracefully curved design, and the leather upholstery means that sleep is just a moment – or maybe a glass or two more of Champagne – away.

The seat was developed around the concept of the ‘3 Fs’:

*Full flat – the seat converts to a fully flat bed for crossing time zones without fatigue.

*Full access – direct access to the aisle, regardless of the seat’s location in the cabin.

*Full privacy – a protected area through the seat’s enveloping curves, providing a true bubble of privacy in the sky. 

Specially designed for Air France by designer Mark Collins of Design Investment, this seat was developed in collaboration with Zodiac Aerospace, a world leader in the manufacture of aircraft seats. Air France also engaged customers, company employees, designers and ergonomic experts in the seat’s cooperative design effort.