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5 travel hacks: Keep it cool with these tips

You really need a breather from your life, right? Instead of diving right into your next great escape unprepared, take heed of these five travel hacks to keep your wits when abroad to make your getaway awesome.

Travelling can be as cheap as you want it to be 

Did you know: The most common risks for both men and women are opportunistic crime and traffic accidents, rather than the well-reported incidents of kidnapping or plane crashes?

So what should you do about it?

  1. Know your personal profile: Understand that if you are a Caucasian visiting China, you will stand out, no matter how you dress. Be aware of this, and you won’t feel like such an outcast while visiting.
  2. Research the destination ahead of time: Understand the culture of the place you’re visiting; for example, in Malaysia, men seldom shake hands with women. Knowing this means you won’t insult them or feel uncomfortable yourself.
  3. Be a hard target: Know how to conduct yourself. Know exactly who is picking you up from the airport. Carry your bag on your side that is away from the road, especially in Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam where bag-snatching from motorbikes is rife.
  4. Be confident and assertive: Ward off unwanted attention by radiating a self-assured demeanour. This doesn’t mean be over-confident – just look like you own it, son.
  5. Stay calm: If something untoward happens – verbal or sexual advances, for example – it’s better to walk away, maintaining a confident assertive persona.