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Restaurant review: Al Hamra at Holland Village in Singapore

Al Hamra
23 Lorong Mambong
Holland Village
+65 6464 8488

As is so often the case when we are confronted with a large selection of delicious-sounding foods, we over-ordered. In fact, the cold mezza platter ($26) with its generous mounds of creamy hummus, eggplant and tahini dip, tabouleh and a crunchy salad, served with two soft, warm pitas each, would have sufficed for two people. But not wanting to miss out on the meatier morsels on offer, we ordered a hot mezza platter ($26) and a chicken shawarma too.

The bloke did an admirable job of devouring almost the entire shawarma (spiced chicken kebab in pita with yoghurt and onion), which – especially on a full belly – could only mean that it was very good, and I managed a fair few bites from the hot mezze before throwing in the napkin and asking for a doggy-bag. Most notable from the latter platter was the kibbey mekli (fried meatballs made of ground meat and crushed wheat, and stuffed with minced meat, pine kernels, onions and spices) and my personal favourite, falafel.

To accompany the reasonably priced, authentic Lebanese meal, I drank jallab ($5.50), an unusual but refreshing syrup made from carob, dates, grape molasses and rose water, and a perfect complement to the rich Middle Eastern flavours.

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