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Men’s skincare: SK-II tried and tested by three product newbies

Skincare is not a luxury reserved just for women. This month, we’ve homed in on products formulated especially for men, and have tasked our panel (all skincare newbies, by the way) with the two-week SK-II MEN skincare challenge. Read on for the big reveal.

Guy Turton
Guy Turton


If you’re noticing fine lines gathering around the corners of your eyes, and you have ten minutes to spare in the morning and evening, I would definitely recommend giving this skincare routine a go.

For someone who thought a face wash meant letting your shampoo run over your face after you’ve washed your hair, the clean feeling on my skin after using the Moisturizing Cleanser felt like a revelation.

I thought that applying all the other products afterwards might leave my skin feeling clogged, but if anything the Facial Treatment Essence enhanced the feeling of freshness. I’ve always moisturised, but have never been able to completely eradicate a couple of resilient dry patches on my cheeks, until I tried the Age Revitalize Moisturizer. After just a week of keeping up this routine I had cheeks like a newborn, and subsequently my skin looked and felt much brighter, and – dare I say – younger.

The dark, bold packaging is also masculine enough to stop you from wondering how you ended up using your girlfriend’s skin products.

It’s probably worth pointing out that the Facial Treatment Essence doesn’t smell that pleasant, but that’s pretty much forgotten when you slap on the Brightening Serum. This is definitely a routine I will try to keep up.

Guy Turton, British, Recruitment Consultant

Michael Allan
Michael Allan


Usually, after I shave my skin it feels very dry and sensitive to the touch. After using the combination of the Moisturizing Cleanser, followed by the serum and the Facial Treatment Essence, however, my skin felt soft and supple.

Using this skincare routine every morning for the past two weeks, I have felt refreshed and ready to go. I found that the UV Protect Moisturizer left my face less shiny and had a natural fragrance.

Ultimately, I think the SK-II range for men has really changed my skin for the better. It’s a premium brand, though, and this is definitely reflected in the price, which could put some people off. Also, I do prefer simplicity, and using five different products on my face every day could become too time-consuming.

The routine has left my skin looking and feeling great. The clean feeling is immediate and lasts all day. I work long hours, drink alcohol and swim regularly, but my skin has remained fantastic with SK-II.

I even did a couple a tests with my friends (men who have never used moisturisers before) and many of them immediately saw effects and were happy with the results.

Michael Allan, Scottish, Business Development Manager


Elliot Barrett
Elliot Barrett


My first impressions were that the packaging looked bold, high-end and masculine – I’d happily display the various bottles on my bathroom shelf.

After suffering from eczema as a child, I’ve got rather dry and sensitive skin and have always used a moisturiser, but have had to be quite choosy when selecting the right type for my face.

Like most men, I usually wash my face with the nearest available suds, be it the shampoo on my head or my all-in-one shower gel. Using a specific facial cleanser was a totally new experience and the difference in my skin was noticeable. My face felt fresher, and the Moisturizing Cleanser smelt great.

I wasn’t a huge fan of the Facial Treatment Essence – it had an unpleasant smell – however it didn’t linger, and once I had applied the serum on top it really smoothed out my skin.

I really liked both the Age Revitalize Moisturizer and the UV Protect Moisturizer – their gel texture kept my skin hydrated while retaining a masculine scent.

Although I’m not sure I’d be patient enough to keep up the whole routine, I’d definitely recommend the cleanser and moisturisers.

Elliot Barratt, British, Interior Designer

SK-II MEN products are available at SK-II boutiques island-wide.

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