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Living in Singapore: Paul Whiteway shows off his condo on the edges of Clarke Quay and the CBD

By: Amy Brook-Partridge

The Australian expat takes us on a tour of the home that he shares with his Malaysian girlfriend Jolene.



‘I’ve lived in Singapore for eight years, and having rented four or five different places since being here it just made more financial sense to buy,” says Paul. “I had a lot of stuff in storage from my travels, and I wanted to be able to cook and entertain in nice surroundings.” Having lived in an apartment in this latest condo, he knew the location would work, and the size was just right.

E&A Interiors came recommended to Paul from another contact, and after meeting them and going through their portfolio, he had a sense for their style and how they would work. “I did a lot of research on home interiors, using an iPad app to play around with layouts, and I showed Chloe from E&A dozens of pictures of styles and themes that I was thinking about.”



Paul’s specific requirements included an open-plan kitchen – “which is still an unusual layout in Singapore,” he admits – as well as plenty of space for his pieces collected on his travels.

“He wanted a neutral palate,” says Chloe, “but I did persuade him to bring in some colour. We ended up using a petrol-blue tone, which he was also open to, and although he was initially a little hesitant about the fabrics, in the end he trusted me and went with my suggestions.”

The wall separating the kitchen and living area was knocked down and a kitchen island added, which meant Paul could be more sociable when guests came round. The dining table was custom-made to fit the area, and according to Paul can comfortably seat six, or eight with a bit of a squeeze.



The unusual and angular alcove space in the living area meant that a custom-made sofa also had to be made, and E&A matched up much of the trim in the living space and kitchen to the natural tones Paul had requested.

Many of Paul’s collected items had been sitting in storage, including some antique Burmese prayer scrolls. Chloe suggested mounting these in acrylic, and two of them now hang either side of the master bed.

For Paul, the apartment definitely serves its purpose, and looks the part too. “I do a lot of socialising and cooking here now, and I like even the little details like the matching trim in the kitchen.”

So is the apartment finished for now? “Almost. I want to put in some cupboards in the second bedroom, create a pull-out shoe rack and add in a small wall near the front door.”



Keen on decorating your own bachelor pad but need professional advice? Here are some tips by Chloe of E&A Interiors:

  1. Streamline: less is more. If you want to display your Buddha collection for example, pick a few of them, not all!

  2. Think about textures and patterns, it doesn’t have to be black or red; it can be nice neutral tones with geometric patters for example.

  3. Don’t spend all that money on renovating a place and then let it down with furniture. Think carefully about the big pieces and the furnishings.

  4. Think about displaying ethnic pieces in a more contemporary way, using frames or acrylic bases.