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What does your favourite cupcake say about you? Baker Victoria Yim explains it all…

I’m a fan of vanilla. It makes it easy for everyone around me when I’m in default mode – vanilla milkshake, vanilla ice cream, vanilla cupcake – and I never stray too far from it. But when my friends decided that I was “predictable”, I had to wonder: did having a favouriteflavour mean I was boring? As far as I’m concerned, better that than be faced with a dilemma every time I go to a cake store. Do you have a favourite, too? Find out what yours says about you.

The humble buttery cake perfumed with vanilla is an indication of your appreciation of the simple and the finer things in life. If yours happens to be dotted with vanilla seeds, you’ve hit the jackpot – vanilla is the second most expensive of all spices and flavourings. You can always count on vanilla lovers to campaign for longer lunches and late breakfasts on weekends.

Vanilla lovers are most likely to…

Wear: printed silk shift dresses and summer sandals

Be found: at the store on the corner picking out a bouquet of flowers just because it’s Saturday

Listen to: Kimbra’s “Cameo Lover”

Double Fudge Chocolate

Probably the world’s favourite confectionery, few can say no to chocolate. It isn’t enough to have it in either the cake or the frosting; it must be in both. And you had better hope the chocolate is not wishy-washy, because chocolate lovers know when someone’s trying to pass off 50-percent cocoa as 70-percent cocoa. They know what they want, how they want it, and how they’re going to get it; so don’t even try to sneak the last double fudge cupcake for yourself.

Chocolate connoisseurs are most likely to…

Say: “Are these made of Valrhona Grand Cru Jivara?”

Be found: Making a list of all the chocolate factories to visit around the world. First on the list: Willy Wonka’s

Listen to: LMFAO’s “Sexy and I Know It”

Red Velvet

This is really just a mild cocoa-flavoured cake, tinted red with food colouring. What really gets the crowd going is the dollop of cream cheese frosting, though, oddly, some belong to camp vanilla frosting. Supposedly hailing from the south of the United States, this is now one of the most sought-after cupcake flavours; something every skinny-jean, oversized-glasses, loafer-wearing hipster would appreciate. They’re on trend, sometimes way, way ahead of the trends; so much so that none of us normal beings can understand their obsession with platform sneakers.

Hip hipsters are most likely to…

Wear: shirts buttoned all the way up to the top, suspenders and striped socks with loafers

Say: “I’m going to start a trend; I’ll wear the polkadot socks with the striped ones!”

Be found: at the latest café opening, busy taking photos to remind all their friends how hip they are.


Those who fancy a strawberry cupcake prefer things a little sweet and a little romantic. Top this cupcake with a chocolate dipped strawberry and you can almost hear them whisper “Till death do us part.” The world seems like a better place with strawberry sweethearts around. For one thing, these are the people who offer a hug to get rid of a frown or maybe even bring you one of their favourite cupcakes, just because.

Strawberry sweethearts are most likely to…

Wear: a vintage sundress from the 50s and a freshly picked flower from their own garden

Be found: hosting a tea party for 30 of their closest friends

Listen to: Prince’s “Raspberry Beret”

Peanut Butter and Chocolate

How could you go wrong with the combination of peanut butter and chocolate (unless, of course, you have a peanut allergy)? This cupcake is just like the guy who shows up with medicine when you’re ill, the one who remembers his Ps and Qs, but also the one who has a certain cheekiness. PB&C advocates know nothing balances a bit of sweet like a touch of salty. They’re serious only so they can finish what needs to get done before the real fun can begin.

Peanut Butter and Chocolate believers are most likely to…

Say: Not much, with peanut butter stuck to the roof of their mouth

Be found: trying to sneak a kiss during a movie

Listen to: Kanye West’s “Welcome to the Good Life”

Victoria bakes at Sweets by Vicky, where she specialises in gluten-free treats, including cupcakes, layer cakes and all things sweet.

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