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Jetting off? Follow these travel insurance tips

Prior to travelling, it’s so easy to get side-tracked by hotel and flight bookings or packing. We can end up forgetting one of the most important things – travel insurance. While the odds of things going pear-shaped may be slim, it’s better to be safe than sorry, so don’t get caught out! Whether you’re travelling with kids or during pregnancy, doing extreme sports or visiting developing countries, there are so many things to consider. Pacific Prime Singapore offers advice about different types of insurance plans, so you can stay protected on the road.

Travelling with kids

Family taking a selfie
Enjoy your family holiday to the fullest

Opt for a family travel policy that will cover both you and your kids under a single policy. If your older child is travelling on their own, you will usually have to purchase a separate policy for them.

What it includes:

Family policies cover typical costs such as emergency evacuation, medical expenses for sickness or injuries overseas, travel cancellations, delays and baggage delay.

Why you need it:

Babies and younger children are particularly susceptible to illnesses such as traveller’s diarrhoea and food poisoning, which could result in a hefty bill at the emergency room. They are also more prone to injuries from road accidents and places such as hotel rooms which are usually not child-proof.

Look out for:

  • Check if there is a limit on the number of adults that can be insured under the same policy.
  • Read the fine print carefully. For example, some plans require children included in the plan to be legally related to the adult. So if you travel with your child’s friend, they may need to be covered in a separate policy.


Travelling while pregnant

Pregnant woman on holiday
Have a carefree getaway before your little one arrives

Travelling with a bump? There are various travel policies that cover maternity expenses abroad, but you’ll want to check their conditions carefully.

What it includes:

The policy usually covers medical expenditure for pregnancy related illnesses or complications such as pre-eclampsia and anaemia while overseas, but only up to a certain amount. They may also include trip cancellations from unforeseen conditions such as gestational diabetes.

Why you need it:

Pregnant women are at a higher risk of requiring urgent medical care from complications, particularly when you are closer to your due date and under the strain of travelling and flying.

Look out for:

  • In most cases, policies do not cover maternity expenses overseas after the 36th week of pregnancy.
  • Expectant mothers who conceived with fertility treatment typically receive coverage only up to the 18th week of pregnancy.
  • Childbirth is typically excluded, so get international maternity insurance for more extensive coverage.


Travelling for extreme sports

Kite boarding
Have a blast with friends and family on your next vacation

Planning to bungee jump, paraglide, or ski? Check if your travel insurance policy covers extreme sports. While some insurers do not cover them at all, others may cover a selected few, or do so with an additional premium.

What it includes:

It provides coverage for accidents and injuries as well as emergency evacuation up to the maximum coverage limit. Some plans even cover damage to sports equipment while using them.

Why you need it:

While jumping out of a plane or heli-skiing is undoubtedly thrilling, the risk of serious injury is high and so is the cost of emergency medical treatment!

Look out for:

  • Ensure that the coverage is high enough to cover the often-astronomical cost of emergency transfers, especially since extreme sport locations are usually hard to reach.
  • Read the list of exclusions carefully and ensure your sporting activity is not one of them. Excluded activities are typically more dangerous sports, such as base jumping.
  • Be aware of conditions that may be attached to certain extreme sports, such as the exclusion of coverage for off-piste skiing without a guide.


Home protection while travelling

Flooded home
Be prepared for the unexpected while you’re away

Some travel insurance policies may offer coverage to protect your home and valuables while you are away.

What it includes:

It provides limited cover in the event of damage such as from fires and floods or loss of personal effects or furniture due to theft at your permanent residential address.

Why you need it:

Vacant homes are at a higher risk of vandalism and theft, so be prepared and insure your home contents.

Look out for:

  • Travel insurance policies that have home protection benefits offer less coverage than home insurance policies. Get both for more cover.
  • A number of exclusions apply, such as no coverage for your landlord’s fixtures like home appliances.


Cover all bases…

Travel insurance may appear to cover everything you need, but they have much lower medical coverage compared to international health insurance policies. Supplement your travel insurance plans with global medical insurance for your next trip!


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